Renting a house in Edinburgh has to guard against traps!

“Trap 1. Fake landlords

Beware of some house advertisements, they will be unbelievably good but the rent is very low. Some fake advertisements put some bait””, and then ask you to pay through the Internet before viewing the house.

Trap 2: Repeatedly charging credit check fees

Landlords often run credit checks on prospective tenants in order to avoid them defaulting on the landlord, although some agents charge a hefty credit check fee.

In general, a credit check report is around £100, but some agents make tenants pay more. What’s worse is that some agents will show you many properties and then ask you to do multiple credit checks, which is completely unnecessary, because the credit check will only tell the landlord the tenant’s previous credit history.

Trap 3. Non-refundable administration charges (Administration charges)

An international student once reported to us that she was charged a handling fee of 210 pounds by the agency because she thought the Edinburgh student accommodation was already hers. Then her agent told her that the landlord accepted another offer, but her handling fee cannot be refunded to her. Other worse cases have also occurred, with the tenant even paying £540 in processing fees.

You should refuse to pay the closing fee until you are sure the property is yours. You may not have to pay any fees if you are dealing with a private landlord. Some sites where you can find this type of landlord: (London only),,,, or

You can even find houses on some social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Weibo. If you are a student, your university will have contact details for your private landlord. In Scotland, there is no tenant fee.

Traps 4. Unprotected deposits

Landlords are required by law to protect tenant deposits in one of the following three programs: Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposit and Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Still, some landlords won’t do this. It is very important to determine which project they use to protect your deposit before signing the contract, and ask them to produce evidence to prove that your deposit has been protected, which can avoid future disputes. Every deposit protection program has a free appeals service that you can use if the landlord willfully withholds the deposit. Look for a website that will help you. To check if your deposit is secured, ask your agent for a reference number and call them yourself.

Trap 5. Expensive search fees

Some companies charge you an expensive student accommodation Edinburgh search fee, which should not be done, and you should not pay any house search fees.

Trap Six, Check in and Check out bills

Please determine the fees you want to charge, such as these two fees, before appraising the contract. You can use the appeals service of an agent who is a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents, National Association of Estate Agents or the National Approved Letting Scheme. There is Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Service.

Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh goes beyond providing a mere living space; it offers students the opportunity to become part of a thriving student community. Many student apartments organize social events, study groups, and networking activities to foster a sense of belonging and create opportunities for interaction among residents. Living in close proximity to fellow students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines encourages cultural exchange, the sharing of ideas, and the formation of lasting friendships. These communities offer a support system that helps students navigate the challenges of university life and create lifelong memories.

Trap seven, multiple files

There may be a fee if you want an extra contract.

Trap 8. Lease term changes

You may have to pay a fee for lease changes and changes to tenant names.

Trap nine: rent increase

Real estate agents and landlords can increase your rent in certain circumstances. Find rents for similar properties in the same area, and use these to negotiate with the landlord.

Trap 10. Lease renewal fee

Be aware that some agents will charge you a renewal fee if you wish to renew your lease.”

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