Maintaining the first love in marriage is a great task that married couples must face for the success and happiness of their marriage. Easily abandoned as a result of other marital pressures or challenges. The first love in marriage, if it is maintained, is like the oil that makes the marriage run smoothly. The relationship will be fresh every day. Couples will always enjoy their company when they have their first love for each other.

Many people wonder why marriages fail after the abundance of adoration, affection, devotion, and passion during courtship and honeymoon. The simple reason is that those fantasies that united and united them were not maintained or preserved. It takes sheer determination to maintain them, determination that overrides all the conflicting factors that will want to pierce those fantasies. I call them fantasies because love, which embodies adoration, affection, devotion, and passion, is nothing more than impression. Yes, impression in the mind that something is good for you and you want it and sometimes you get it.

The impression is sustained by memories. Therefore, the first love in marriage should be based on the fond memories of the courtship and the honeymoon days. Your marriage should be strengthened in love rather than depreciated. After all, vintage wine tastes better, they say. The more they stay together, the more they understand themselves. And you are expected to use understanding to build a stronger, more caring relationship.

Here are some tips to help you recover and maintain your first love in marriage.

* Remember how you used to call your partner during the courtship or honeymoon. That pet name comes back to him. Some drop the affectionate nickname of their spouses immediately after having their first baby or as they age in marriage. They allow your baby’s name or your spouse’s name to take over the pet’s name.

* Remember also the passion that led to the adoption of the pet name in the first place. Never allow monotony to settle into your marriage. Relive that passion every day and your marriage will be fresh every day.

* Stay as close as you used to be at the beginning. Desire the presence of the other all the time. Employment or any other activity should not differentiate you.

* Make exchanging gifts a regular feature of your marriage. Keep the dairies of important dates in their lives. Dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, your first meeting, etc. must be held annually.

* Remember your first meeting from time to time and tell your partner that their entry into your life has been a blessing.

* Learn to hug regularly.

* Make time for vacations and sightseeing together.

* Relive your honeymoon by spending a vacation alone without the children.

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