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You might have wondered how much it costs to get your blockchain press releases distributed. To answer this question, you need to consider the various services that are available in this industry. PressWeb is a British-registered PR agency that has a diverse list of clients that include leading blockchain projects. Other services you can use include Presswire, which specializes in tailor-made media lists, and eReleases, which provides personalized quotes.

NewswireNEXT is a service that guarantees instant indexing on the top search engines. Its service will boost your brand’s visibility and bring in an endless stream of new visitors to your website. For this reason, NewswireNEXT is the preferred option for blockchain marketing by crypto startups. By getting your blockchain press releases distributed, you will attract the attention of journalists and help your company’s reputation grow.

NewswireNEXT is the industry’s top-ranked cryptocurrency PR distribution service. With impressive rankings, reach, and affordable pricing, it is the most popular choice amongst crypto marketers. Their low-cost service guarantees your press release to be picked up by over 350 authoritative online news sites. The company also ensures your press releases are picked up on relevant cryptocurrency news sites. When you choose NewswireNEXT, you’ll be getting your press releases distributed to the most authoritative news sites in the industry.

best press release distribution for crypto

Some distribution services offer unlimited press release distribution, while others charge a fee for each distribution outlet. Depending on your needs, geo-targeted distribution may cost up to $100 per outlet. International distribution services may cost $3,500 or more. In addition, some services include premium features, such as logo placement and influencer marketing. For example, eReleases also offers social media distribution.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Blockchain Press Releases Distributed?

If you’re looking for the best blockchain press release distribution services, KISS PR Brand Story is one of the top options. The PR firm has been helping start-up blockchain companies for more than a decade. Its low-cost PR services allow company owners to access influencer marketing, get press release distribution, and organize interviews to raise awareness of their NFT project. It also has a fast turnaround and direct access to news portals and journalists.

Cision is another great option. Cision’s services enable communications teams to identify top influencers in the crypto space, write meaningful stories, and measure the impact of each story. The service is affordable and has a large client base, including over 75,000 global organizations. Using Cision is more cost-effective than PR Newswire, which starts at $389 for a premium package. For that amount, you can expect unlimited press release distribution.

In addition to generating buzz for your project, you should also consider the use case of your project. If the blockchain project is used for a single-use application, there’s little or no need to coordinate with a third party. In contrast, if your blockchain project is used by a company as a database, you might use blockchain for internal transactions, such as maintaining assets, storing records and verifying identities.

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