Retaining a worthwhile personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable enough to prosecute and recover damages incurred as a direct result of semi truck accidents is of the utmost importance in order to have the best chance of obtaining fair and valuable compensation for your personal injuries. . injury claims.

Hiring a large truck accident attorney is even more critical to ensure that you are not left to deal with the aftermath alone, but instead have someone who will protect your interests and whose interests are aligned with yours.

Thousands of people met their untimely deaths and others are maimed for life year after year as a result of 18-wheeler accidents. Countless people are victims of accidents that cause serious debilitating, life-changing and life-threatening injuries. Injured parties seek compensation for injuries and deaths when they believe someone else was at fault. The best way to do this is to retain the services of an experienced and reputable 18-wheeler accident attorney.

How to Select an Attorney for a Truck Accident

Probably the best method for selecting a qualified commercial vehicle accident attorney is through other attorneys. Just as a primary care physician may refer you to a specialist they feel is highly qualified, a general practitioner will know the most qualified truck accident attorneys in their area. If you don’t know an attorney personally, another way to select a qualified attorney is to look at some of the rating agencies like

The Martindale Company is a service that rates lawyers, ratings that are given by other lawyers in a blind sample. Look for an “AV” rating from an attorney in your area who lists trucking accidents as the primary focus of their practice. Alternatively, other more general rating companies, such as AVVO, are available to begin your investigation for a qualified and experienced truck accident attorney.

A word of caution, there are many companies that appear to be rating or awarding awards to attorneys and the awards are primarily based on a financial relationship between the attorney and the firm. Also, beware of online reviews that do not reveal the name of the reviewer.

Do I really need a truck accident attorney?

There are many attorneys who handle personal injury claims and most of them would be qualified to handle a truck accident case. However, commercial vehicle accidents are a niche practice in that the rules and regulations that apply to truck drivers and motor carriers are unique to that industry.

Selecting an attorney who has developed a reputation in handling commercial vehicle accidents can be a valuable benefit in not having to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Lawyers who routinely handle truck accident cases are best positioned to meet the defense attorneys who defend these types of claims as well as the expert witnesses who are often needed to prosecute a case.

In the end, if your case requires litigation, the process can be very long and in some cases can even take years. It is important that you feel comfortable with the attorney you choose from the start and have complete confidence in his or her ability to handle your case. Selecting an attorney who has dedicated similar cases to conclusion can provide an accident victim with a certain level of comfort.

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