In addition to calls and SMS, many other features of cell phones have made life easier for users. You can save an unlimited variety of your contacts along with your personal information on your cell phone. Entertainment lovers can install various games of their own choosing on their mobile phones and enjoy them at any time. In case you are looking for audio or video feature along with digital camera, then your cell phone will serve you better. Now every function is in your hand. You don’t need to buy a separate useful camera or audio player. Every facility is now available to you and right at your fingertips.

Different companies are introducing new and latest models of mobile phones all over the world. These companies include Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erricsson, Motorola, Apple, LG and many more.

Nokia mobile phones have dominated the market for many years due to their amazing features and graphics. Nokia is efficiently capturing the cell phone market by attracting all its current and potential customers. Nokia’s N and E series have achieved surprising success even though their prices are very high.


For most users, Samsung mobile phones are not as practical as Nokia phones, but nevertheless they have their own position in the market. Some of the common features that are present in almost all Samsung mobile phones are;

Digital camera, video recording, bluetooth, infrared, wi-fi LAN, MP3 gamers, FM radio and memory card.
The costs are a bit lower than Nokia mobiles and range from $100 to $2000. Due to this price factor, many Samsung users opt for Nokia.

Similarly, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and many other brands have their own specific options for their phones.

Nowadays, even a little second grader has a cell phone nowadays. Mobile phones have greatly revolutionized the world of communication. People can connect with each other just by clicking a few buttons, regardless of where they are. Users can easily make and get calls. Not only this, mobile phone service providers have provided outstanding SMS service and now you can deliver your message to anyone without even making a call. This service can be very inexpensive as compared to phone call service you can write a message of any length and send it to the recipient in no time. In other words, mobile phones have shortened the distances between people. Financial cannot hinder the difficulties of today’s communication methods.

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