Immediately after a truck accident, evidence of potential criminal and civil charges, such as a personal injury lawsuit, should be gathered. The evidence needed will focus on the scene of the truck accident, the property damage, the injuries involved, and information about the truck driver and trucking company.

Evidence at truck accident scene

It is rare that the scene of a truck accident does not provide enough evidence to allow investigators to determine what happened and who was at fault. The police must process and preserve the evidence at the scene of the accident, but it is important that you, as the victim, record what happened, including photographs of the damage and the area, gathering information from witnesses, etc.

Attention to detail is an absolute requirement in evidence preservation, as it includes:

• Carefully photograph the scene of the accident (to include all vehicles involved, all signs and markings on the commercial vehicle, personal injuries of all parties involved, and the surrounding area);
• Collect and photograph physical evidence such as skid marks and accident debris;
• Note the immediate area to include sight distances, environmental conditions, and any visual impairments;
• Secure police accident documents to include any photos and video collected by the investigating officer;
• Immediately arrange for an expert to inspect the commercial truck;
• Securing the black box of the commercial vehicle and arranging for the information contained on the speeds and conditions before and after the accident to be downloaded; Y
• Talk to witnesses and the investigating officer and record their statements.

If you are too injured to take pictures or even speak to the police immediately after your truck accident, it is important to seek the help of a truck accident attorney as soon as possible so that you can analyze your police report and begin gathering vital evidence to Their case. .

Trucking Company Evidence

Beyond the evidence that must be collected at the scene of the truck accident, the evidence must be collected from the trucking company. This evidence will contain information on:

• Driver qualification records and proper documentation;
• Regulation of hours of service;
• Drug and alcohol tests that the company has performed on the driver of the accident;
• Information on the transportation of hazardous materials to include the company’s policy on such materials;
• Secure the statements of company personnel, including the driver;
• Maintenance records, trip inspection reports, driver’s records, and other applicable documents for the commercial vehicle; Y
• Information about all shippers or cargo handlers who may share responsibility for the victim’s damages.

A full truck accident trial may also include an accident reconstruction performed by experts in the field. It is vital that none of the vehicles involved in the truck accident are repaired before it occurs, as this could prevent accurate results from being collected.

After collecting the evidence from the truck accident scene and from the trucking company, your truck accident attorney will be able to determine who is at fault and begin working on your case. Even something as simple as a log book can determine negligence if the truck driver was working more hours than federal law allows. That is why a qualified truck accident attorney is so imperative for your personal injury case.

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