Every February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in many countries. It is the day we show love to our loving partner. Traditionally, we send flowers, gifts, greeting cards, or treats. In many cases, we give the puppy gift. We are going to show how to find the puppy’s name. A puppy makes a cute Valentine’s Day gift. Naturally, you might want a good dog name that ties in with Valentine’s Day. It was a special day. And you want to cherish that memorable day.

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you may think of a few things. For example, chocolates, love, red, flowers, romance, and a romantic dinner are some of the things that come to mind. With the list, you can find the best dog name for the puppy.

Of all the sweets, chocolate is the one that is given the most for the special day. Chocolate is a great name for brown or dark dogs. By roasting the cocoa beans, the chocolatier creates a delicious and sweet treat. Depending on the amount of cocoa, the chocolate varies between light brown and dark brown.

Red is the color of Valentine’s Day. Cards, gifts, flowers, and decorations have some red. Admon, Clancy, Crimson, Griffin, Griffith, Hong, Miaka, Rouge, and Ruby are red dogs in origin. From the list, Hong and Miaka are of exotic origin. Hong is a Chinese dog name, while Miaka is a Japanese dog name. The rest are of English origin except for Admon, Rouge and Ruby. It is a dog name of Hebrew, French and Latin origin, respectively.

There are many more English dog names that are derived from the word red. Here are some examples. Redd, Reed, and Reid are derived from the word network. Some dog breeds may not be exactly red in color, but the coat color may be close enough to red. Choices are Arun, Aruna, Broderick, Griffin, Griffith, Kapila, Radleigh, and Raleigh. Arun, Aruna and Kapila which are of Sanskrit or Indian origin mean rust or reddish brown color. Broderick, Griffin and Griffith are of Welsh descent. The names mean reddish. Now Radleigh and Raleigh are redwood variant of the English dog.

The fruits that are equivalent to Valentine’s Day are apple, strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Apparently, they are red fruits. Therefore, it can be an ideal name for dog names. Guys like to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. The favorite flowers are three red roses. Flora means flower in Latin. Therefore, Flora is a dog name of Latin origin that means flower. The Flora variations are Flor, Floria, Florian, and Florrie. The names also have variations in different origins. Hana (Japanese), Florella (Italian), Mali (Thai) and Prasoon (Indian) are examples of variations of other origin.

In many languages, there is a word for love. Hence, the word has become dog names for many dog ​​owners. For example, Agape literally means love in Greek. Here are some dog names that literally mean love in different origins. Ai (Japanese), Amor (Latin), Asta (Norwegian), Ife (African) and Manoj (Sanskrit) mean love in another origin.

Valentine’s Day is one of the happiest days we observe each year. As you can see, the day served as the inspiration for the names of the dogs. There are many more, but we run out of space to write.

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