Kaplan is a test preparation resource for graduate and college admissions, health-related licensing, nursing, lawyer review, real estate, high school programs, and information technology. The nursing instruction course helps students earn a degree and get a job. This type of program presents a comprehensive practice for the NCLEX-RN.

At some point just before or during the last semester, students will be faced with a challenging question. Will I need to purchase the Kaplan review course? Depending on the type of examinee the students are depends on whether or not they acquire Kaplan. Several people believe in this program and that it helps to pass the NCLEX-RN.

Right now, there are three unique types of review preparation that Kaplan introduces:

1. Live online interactive classroom program provides students the opportunity to communicate with an instructor and classmates through the use of video, audio, and quick chat.

2. Class review and also a CD-ROM with a repository of practice questions. This particular style can be worn in 3 days or longer than 2 weeks.

3. Complete review of online video question access plus a CD-ROM with over 2,000 practice questions.

Students are generally left with the question as to which course of study suits them. It will depend on how you want to review and what your attention span is. If a student is the type who does not want to sit in a classroom and is not often easily distracted, online modules can be a good course of study to consider. If a student has to hear, see and smell everything before learning and has too short a attention span to listen to a CD-ROM at home, a full course review will be the best option.

Although a student may not be a good examiner and would like to consider the overall convenience of the entire class period, the fees are different for each course. Several college students feel that Kaplan is an overview of what they learned in school. This is not a fundamental revision program. Kaplan instructs students on how to examine various areas of the question to find out exactly what is being asked. Students will also understand the explanations and receive feedback on why the questions are asked in various ways. Typically, there are methods to take just about any exam, and the NCLEX-RN certainly needs considerable critical thinking skills before moving on to the next question. Some students will only analyze NCLEX revision textbooks and take the state board. Some pass and several fall short, so it is up to each student to determine what exactly is most beneficial.

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