These systems have been rated to deliver the best user experience and sound quality over the years, and it is through consumer feedback that we have completed this list. However, it is not in any particular order. All we can say is that if you are looking for superior quality and sound and come across any brand on this list, know that the touch of a button will not disappoint.

• Harman speakers

Harman is a company founded in 1980. It produces very high quality brands under its name, such as Harman / Kardon found in Range Rover, Mercedes and BMW, Lexicon found in Rolls Royce and Mark Levinson found in Lexus. Other subsidiary products include Infinity, JBL, and AKG. Harman is simply a force to be reckoned with.

• Bose audio

Bose started out great, being ranked the best for many years, but somewhere in the middle lost track of the clear path. That is why Mercedes, BMW, Acura, and Audi stopped using it in their cars. Now, the Bose steering has made a big comeback and its newly developed audio components are totally out of this world. Now they are with Maserati and Chevrolet, and it may be only a matter of time before the Germans knock on the door.

• Alpine

Every time you talk about cars, the Japanese will always show up, but not for the wrong reasons. This is so particular to head units that Alpine is almost unrivaled. Another of their offerings is the venerable line of R-type subwoofers with excellent amplification and crystal clear high end components.

• MTX Thunder

It was remarkable when MTX introduced the legendary head-turning jackhammer, with a magnet weighing 56.25 pounds! Not that everything big is great, but MTX size and mediocrity are inversely proportional. Their other products also produce a very fine sound that is hard to fault. Whether it’s a home or car sound system, MTX audio never disappoints.

• Kicker

Kicker has long been creating high-quality amps, subwoofers and crossovers, with their most well-known and respected subwoofer being the square-shaped L7. Kicker’s first full-range snare was introduced in 1980 and since then, kicker has always been a mark of excellence and refined sound innovation. It also offers household and marine products.

• JL Audio

This list may not be in any particular order, but JL Audio’s subwoofers (particularly the w7) have no equal. They’re the best, even 50 cents he knew when he stacked four of them in his Hummer. Another top product from JL Audio is the ZR series component speakers with the motto “Sounds like you’re at the concert.” Whatever JL Audio puts its name on is second to none, and one can only bow as Westside connections says.

• Pioneer

From West to East and once again the Japanese appear. With an expansive product line that ranges from very expensive to easily affordable, Pioneer has everyone’s interests at heart. They make auto, computer, laptop, professional and home audio components, and their $ 3125 home theater system is like no other. Now who turned my music off?

Other audio brands to enter the list include:

• Polk Audio

• Rockford Fosgate

• Sunset audio

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