Enlightenment, when most of us think of Enlightenment, we are drawn to the image of turning on a light in a dark room. We are now able to see things that would otherwise be invisible to our naked eye. However, the alignment I’m talking about is much deeper and broader. It is a sudden, overwhelming illumination that was previously beyond the reach of our knowledge or experience.

Many times, without further awakening, it is very easy for a person to reject anything that is not part of the five senses related to imagination or fabrication. There are many types of Enlightenment and here I am concerned with self-enlightenment through the power of the mind as it is revealed to us from the subconscious and other powers found in the dream process.

If we want to reach a state of Enlightenment where we can arrive at new insights about current problems and/or difficulties, using existing mystical methods, this could take more years than are available in our current lifetime. Only a select few have achieved such levels of Enlightenment through yoga and meditation.

However, there is good news, as it is not necessary to be an expert in yoga and meditate for years and years to reach levels of Enlightenment. Whether you are aware of it or not, when you fall asleep, you reach a level of unconsciousness as deep as that of an experienced yogi. However, you were not aware of this and have not been trained to use these levels of unconsciousness in connection with daily problem solving. The two main effective techniques I use to achieve responses during sleep are as follows.

The first is to make a clear and concise statement that you will have a dream about a certain problem or situation and you will wake up with the answer and if the answer needs to be interpreted you will have that interpretation.

Then he will decide to wake up at the end of the dream, regardless of what time he can remember it, and write it down.

For years, people have been using biofeedback to achieve deeper levels of awareness while remaining in control; however, this method requires years of training and discipline, as well as expensive equipment to monitor existing levels of consciousness. The remarkable thing about programmed dreaming is that, aside from some simple techniques using self-talk, virtually anyone can do it any night at will.

For the past 40 years I have used dream programs and have found them to be one of the most effective tools for finding solutions to any and all problems. I have found patient friends and family who are encouraged to apply this technique and have achieved amazing results. Often the answers go far beyond the knowledge of the person and even go far beyond the dreamer to other people. On average, when faced with life’s challenges, the average person contemplates one or two solutions to any given problem. On the other hand, the show’s sleep technique used while we’re asleep seems to search for the mysteries of the universe both inside and outside of all possible solutions, and we wake up with the best one. When a patient of mine responds to a problem with “I’ll think about it,” I usually reply, “What do you mean think about it?” Your thoughts are irrelevant. You can only think of a few solutions when there is unlimited possibility in the universe, and you can know the best one any night at will. The program dreams will allow you to get that enlightened answer!

Resolve to store your scheduled dream trip tonight. Get a simple spiral bound notebook and an erasable pen. Place them next to your bed along with a nice light up clock. Just before going to bed, your thoughts and tell yourself that tonight you will sleep well and dream dreams that will solve the answers to a specific problem that you will repeat to yourself clearly and concisely. Tell yourself that when you wake up you will have the solution to this problem. And that you will dream about it and the dream will be remembered and you will write it down. Repeat this to yourself and understand that with practice it will become very easy and seem quite natural. It is extremely important that the moment you wake up you start writing down all the dream you had quickly and effortlessly.

Review the dream you just wrote and you will find that the answer will be formulated quickly.

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