Whenever someone asks another person what sport to bet on and who to bet on in that sport, the average American will probably say baseball or basketball. As for who to bet on, the answer will probably be a bit more vague than the first. Most of the time people bet on a team because it’s their home team, a New Yorker who bets on the Yankees, or just because they grew up watching the team and idolize it, like when someone loves the Red Sox because they remember dad. taking them to the ball game on the weekends.

However, if you are one of the serious sports bettors, you want a better reason to invest your hard-earned money. If you are looking to bet on sports that are easier to understand and follow, you may want to give baseball a try. However, if you are /sports betting/ into Major League Baseball, you probably need to understand the pitching lineups for each team so you can get the best picks. This can be a bit confusing at first, but it’s infinitely better than understanding more complicated numbers in other sports.

When betting on sports like baseball, it is important to look at the setup of each team whenever you are facing a left or right handed pitcher. The reason behind this is that some coaches will not allow their left handed players to play if they know that righties can handle the game. The Boston Red Sox have top-tier offensive players. They’ve got both Trot Nixon and Johnny Damon defending in the outfield and they’re both left-handed at bat. Due to their prowess, they hit more home runs when facing right-handed pitchers than left-handed, so good managers will put in left-handed pitchers when they know Nixon or Damon will be ready to hit. It is very important that you understand the dynamics of team setup. If they are misconfigured, even if they have the strongest players, they won’t be a good choice.

Some baseball teams really excel when it comes to maximizing their player and team setup, some simply fail in this department. The Rockies had a hot run, 14-9 left-handed last season at home, but only posted a poor 6-17 on the road. This season they’re going 7-2 at home against left-handed pitching, but just a measly 2-2 on the road. The Orioles posted a dismal 7-18 on the road a few years ago when facing left-handed pitching and are doing worse this season at 1-10. It is really essential to go into the stats of the entire team, in addition to going through the profile of each member. From there, you can find the pieces that you can fit together so that you can pick winner after winner and also get very good money betting. The numbers translate into winning selections and more winnings.

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