Numerology and Quantum Physics

Happy New Year 2010 =-3 = Creativity

The year 2010 according to Pythagorean numerology is 3. This means that everyone on the planet will be receiving the energies of 3, creativity.

The New Age of Aquarius has given us the new paradigm of Quantum Physics. This paradigm tells us that we are all beings of energy, that we live, move and have life within the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God.

Just as there are no two snowflakes, no two drops of water are the same, no two souls are the same.

Each of us will create and experience our own physical, emotional, and mental realities in accordance with our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therefore, I will give you just one keyword for number 3: “creativity”.

I don’t know what “creativity” means to you, neither to you nor to you. Whether it’s painting, writing, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, cooking, gardening. It doesn’t matter what you believe.

So I won’t impose my meanings for the word “create” on you.

The era of seeking the advice of others is over. The laws of quantum physics have ripped out the box of universal secrets and wisdom. You will soon understand that you don’t need to have doctors, lawyers, psychologists, counselors, teachers, politicians, or religious leaders telling you what to think or do.

Do and think for yourself. You will have the opportunity this year to experience the number 3 energies of “creativity”.

Create what you want. But just BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE!

A secondary and very important energy vibration that you will experience this year is your “personal” year.

Take the month you were born plus the day you were born and add them to the universal year. Reduce to a single digit. This is your “personal” year.

Example: My month is December = 12 = 1+2=3 My birth rate is 7 Universal year = “3”

Add and reduce to single digits if necessary” 3+7+3= 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

For this year I will experience the energies of #4 (hard work with slow and steady progress) in my life.

What I do with the Universal energy of 3 and my personal energy of 4 is my choice. I can help recreate my life with them if I choose.

Again, here are discrete individual keywords for numbers:

#1 Beginnings
#2 Cooperation
#3 Creativity
#4 Work
#5 Freedom
#6 Responsibility
#7 Spirituality
#8 Wealth
#9 Humanitarianism

Life must be lived and directed to a purpose within a pattern,

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