Many retail stores looking to get the most out of their space will turn to slatwall or grid wall displays. They both make wonderful use of small spaces. By making use of the vertical space on your walls, you can greatly reduce the number of floor displays you need for your store. They are both very versatile. You can constantly rearrange shelves, hooks, and hanging racks to meet your inventory needs. Your clothes and other items will not be hidden from view, crammed into the shelves on the floor. Instead, they will be easily visible to anyone who passes your store. This can easily boost sales, your customer base, and your wallet.

Slatwall is a very popular option with retailers looking to make the most of a small space. Slatwall comes in a variety of colors and wood grains. You or a contractor can install slatwall directly to your store wall studs. You may want to hire a professional to make sure they are properly anchored so they can support maximum weight. The slat panels are offered with vinyl or aluminum inserts in the grooves to further increase the amount of weight they can support.

If you select slats, order your slat accessories as well. Take inventory of what you will have and determine how many shelves, hooks, hangers, and rods you will need. Brushed nickel, chrome, and black are popular choices. Acrylic is also used a lot to draw less attention to hardware. You may want to use metal over acrylic for heavy items as it is more durable. There is an infinite variety of hardware to choose from. Once you’ve installed your slat panel, you can organize and rearrange clothing, electronics, accessories, and more with ease and convenience.

Gridwall is another popular option for utilizing space. Gridwall is also sold in panels and is basically a metal grid. Heavy gauge wire forms the grid. You can install it on the walls of your store and use rack accessories to display your entire inventory. Gridwall is available in black, chrome, and brushed nickel. It can make your grid wall fade into the background or stand out for an urban feel. The grating is very strong and can be less expensive than the grating. You still get the versatility to rearrange items whenever you want with very little effort.

You get one more advantage with gridwall. Grating sections are offered in a wider variety of sizes. You can also join sections and create floor displays. You may decide to build an accessory tower, or just another clothes rack that doesn’t take up the space that a large circular rack does. You can join the grid sections together to create a standalone cubicle or cubicle wall for more merchandising options.

Whether you choose the grid wall or the grid wall for your tent, you are sure to enjoy the space they create, as well as the versatility they provide.

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