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A popular means of finding a dating partner has become the Internet, but this has its drawbacks. The most common underlying problem with dating sites is images. People who post pictures to their profiles get more attention than those who don’t. Unfortunately, people question the legitimacy of the images. People can post photos when they were 3-10 years younger, 10-30 pounds thinner. They also only provide shots of themselves that make them look good or have been professionally modified.

In comes the term transmissionalso know as stream buddy, meaning “broadcast partner”. This gives you a means of meeting others through webcams.

There are currently no websites where men and women from the United States can join, but the technology to do so is fast approaching.

Currently, webcams have been very successful in bringing together women from Eastern Europe and Asia with men from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Mail-order bride services began using webcams to show their male clients that they were receiving quality women who could speak English in real time. The days of getting a woman who wasn’t pretty and didn’t speak any English are over.

By 2008, this technology is expected to become very commonplace and part of the arsenal of all or most online dating websites. So get your webcams ready.

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