Although he didn’t refer specifically to baby names, Shakespeare said part of that phrase over 600 years ago and it still rings true today…especially when we name our children.

I have helped my wife choose names for our 8 children; in addition to numerous animals and toys for our large family.

We’ve searched books, TV shows, movies, and our family history to find those names that held special meaning. A baby’s name is all the hopes and dreams we wish for our child at her birth.

When you search for that special boy or girl name, you could be remembering that favorite family member or keeping that special family name alive and well with each and every new generation.

I knew a family where the parents’ first and last names started with the letter L. That’s why they made sure their baby names started the same way. Some people make baby names go alphabetically, or choose themes like flower names, regions and countries, states and cities, names of holy books, colors, schools, and so on.

I also loved the scene in “Roots” when Kunta Kinte lifts his newborn daughter up into the starry sky and ceremoniously presents her to the world.

My wife and I have never found out the sex of our little ones from the ultrasound.

The idea behind not knowing was that my wonderful wife would push harder to get the baby out! Well well! That is not true. We just wanted to have a natural birth, or should I say an organic birth, as much as possible. Since we were giving birth in a hospital, where we actually had very little control, choosing not to find out the baby’s gender at least gave us a small area where they couldn’t tell us what to do.

Not knowing what sex the little ones were made us find the name of that special girl and the name of the equally special boy. That way, we were prepared with the right name for the baby either way.

Surprisingly, the easiest name for us for the baby has always been the correct sex of the baby. If it was a girl’s name, it was easier, we had a girl… if it was a boy’s name, it was easier, we had a boy.

Celebrities have even gotten into the naming game!

These celebrity parents put on their makeup and find some of the most unique baby names for their little ones.

Gwyneth Paltrow calling her daughter Apple and Rob Morrow calling her daughter Tu Morrow (tomorrow).

It makes you stop and wonder how our children will feel about these unique nicknames we give them.

My wife and I did the same for our fifth child, naming him Niamh (pronounced Neve) and using the Gaelic spelling. But our daughter likes his name and she thinks the unique spelling is great!

Actor Bill Murray (Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters) tells a funny story about how his son got the name Homer. I heard this story on a Late Nite Show a few years ago. He and his wife had found out that his new baby was going to be a girl. Now, before he found out, Mr. Murray had nicknamed the baby Homer. They had told him, and rightly so, that he must talk, read and even sing to the baby while he is in the mother’s womb. Mr. Murray still used Homer’s name until moments before the birth, even though he knew the baby was a girl. On the blessed day of the baby’s birth, the person who delivered them turned to Bill and said something to the effect of, “Mr. Murray, here’s your wonderful new baby, BOY!” new baby boy and suddenly yelled, “HOMER?” This new boy turned his head and looked towards his father.This is how Bill Murray’s son got the baby name Homer.

Here are some more of those crazy names that celebrity parents pull out of their hats:

Blue Angel – The Edge by U2 and Aislinn O’Sullivan

Pilot Inspector – Jason Lee

Jazz Domino – Joe Strummer

Kal El-Nicholas Cage

Moxie Crimefighter – Penn by Penn & Teller

Fifi Trixibell – Bob Geldof and Paula Yates

Camera – Arthur Ashe and Jeanne Moutoussamy

Audio Science – Shannyn Sossamon

Seven Sirius – Andre Benjamin and Erykah Badu

In the Victorian era, business cards with your name printed on them were all the rage. Even today we still print our names on the cards, but we call them business cards. It is a way for people to connect with each other. In Victorian times, you would introduce yourself to a group with this business card. You would leave it at the door and hope they find you worthy enough.

Your name was your entrance into society. A lot was ‘made’ about the correct baby name. How could I make you the cream or the scum of society. In fact, Oscar Wilde, the playwright, made a lot of fun of this in his play… The Importance of Being Earnest. All the men in the play are willing to change their names to Ernest to win the hearts of the women they love!

Have fun and I hope you find that special name that suits your child!

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