In my humble opinion, politicians are some of the least qualified people to run the country and all of its interests. They are usually born into privilege and therefore either have a poor idea of ​​working class labors or worked their way up and forgot the values ​​that got them into politics in the first place. Either way, they largely seem inept at making sure the average Joe is taken care of. Testimony of this would be the current world recession that has seen the lives of millions of people affected by unemployment, the collapse of banks and the micro-sizing of companies. At the heart of this problem are the bankers who are leading us down this path and the politicians who did not have the insight to stop it and subsequently failed their public. This whole situation has left people like you and me in some pretty awkward situations. How can we afford to function as human beings when the cost of living inevitably rises day by day? Everyday items like groceries, toiletries, and other sundries are now getting harder to afford. And I haven’t even mentioned the problem of buying a new car yet…

If you’ve had your head under a rock for the last six months, you can apologize for not being aware that, more than any other industry, the auto industry is failing. Across the country, plants are closing, jobs are being cut, and productivity has hit a new low. No one can afford to buy the surplus of new cars that are rapidly piling up in concrete parking lots across the country. Members of the public, from all walks of life, have started buying used cars. So, with this in mind, what is the best used car in these economically tough times?
First, you will need a checklist to quantitatively see if the chosen car fits all your needs. The categories I usually go for are Price, Reliability, Cost of Running and Emissions. If I’m feeling a bit image conscious then I can take the name of the manufacturer into account, but in this day and age you can’t put too much responsibility on this.
For all these characteristics and more, I recommend thoroughly investigating a selection of Used Ford Cars. Regardless of budget, there’s some assurance that Ford, as a manufacturer, seems to offer more than any of its competitors. Guarantees such as reliability, reasonable prices, low CO2 emissions and excellent mpg ratings.
If you could recommend any particular used model, I urge you to consider the Ford Focus. The Focus has earned a reputation for being extremely reliable, but with enough aggressiveness under the hood to slap you with a wide grin. My own personal experience with the Ford Focus left me in no doubt that it was a worthwhile investment. The driving experience is unrivaled for a car at the Focus’s price point. The handling is responsive and sporty, the ride is smooth and almost luxurious, and the build quality is fantastic. I picked up an ex-demo Focus 1.6Liter Zetec with 10,000 miles on the clock for just over £10,000. Ford quality shone through immediately.
So, in short, we could be living in trying times, where money is not a commodity that many of us can afford to waste. This, however, does not mean that we have to drive low-quality cars. There are plenty of used Ford cars on the market that will remind you that you don’t have to spend all the money in the world to get anywhere near driving perfection.

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