An important component in the design of a house is the unit. Although there are different areas in a house, it is often desirable that there be some kind of unifying factor between them to give the house a “whole” appearance. This can usually be found on the floor. However, as you may know, hardwood flooring cannot be used in all areas of the home. In some places, like the kitchen, it can have disastrous results. So how is organic unity maintained? The answer lies in Greenkett’s hardwood floor transitions.

Hey? What the heck are floor transitions? Well these actually provide a compromise between hardwood and other types of flooring. These types of bridges bridge the gap between your hardwood floor and other types of flooring. Due to this, a person will be able to maintain organic unity within the design of the house.

But why go with Greenkett? Well, a lot of people do this for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that this product doesn’t really require much effort to install with its UNICLIC and LOCK installation system, this floor transition doesn’t even require a contractor and that means a lot of savings.

Many people worry that installing flooring transitions themselves can be quite a complicated job. Not many people know how to use a nailer or even a hammer expertly. Not many people can say that they are fully adept at handling the sticky glue that some brands of flooring transitions require. You do not have to be the resident handyman to install this product. Even your average Joe or Jane could probably finish the 300-square-foot condo in a weekend. Not bad, huh?

Since this product is actually made from engineered wood, it actually allows for the installation of floating floors, something that laminate or ceramic wood transitions cannot be used for. This provides great convenience for people looking for the classic look of hardwood floors. Another advantage of this material is that it can actually be sanded and restored when scratched or dented. However, being engineered wood, it can only be sanded up to three times before the plywood underlay begins to show through. No need to worry though, as this product is covered by a 25-year warranty.

Speaking of warranties, you’re also protected by a lifetime structural warranty. If its structural integrity is compromised for any period after purchase, the flooring will be replaced free of charge. How’s that for customer service?

Since they are prefinished, Greenkett hardwood flooring transitions are also fairly resistant to the effects of moisture. This is something solid wood transitions can’t really claim. This also means that people can place the floor transition pieces directly on the concrete.

There are also different types of transition profiles available. This means that Greenkett’s hardwood flooring transitions can definitely help you adapt your hardwood floor to any other type of flooring material. And this brings us back to organic unity and to our conclusion.

Building a house is not just a necessity, it is an investment. When you use Greenkett’s hardwood flooring transitions, you’re ensuring you’re getting the best value for your money.

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