Where to Live at University in Lancashire

Live at University in Lancashire

When students move to university they have the option to live in halls, private Lancashire student accommodation or at home. Each choice has different advantages and disadvantages. In choosing where to live, students need to weigh up their options carefully and take into account all of the factors that will affect them. They should also seek advice from family, friends and attend accommodation open days to find out more about each option.

If students choose to live in halls, they will benefit from being at the centre of university life and are typically guaranteed a place in a block of student rooms if they have accepted an offer on their course. Halls provide a great opportunity to meet new people and socialise with like-minded individuals. They are usually very well-equipped and a number of them come with facilities such as a games room, cinema room, or a roof terrace to enjoy the views from above. Students living in halls have all the bills included in their rent and can enjoy a more stress-free student experience.

In many cases, universities will have contracts with private landlords who will let rooms on their behalf. These properties are often purpose-built for students and can be located close to the university campus, providing easy access to facilities and amenities. They may also offer a variety of services such as cleaning, maintenance and laundry. Students who choose to live in private student housing should note that they will not have all the benefits and support of living in halls and should be ready for a more independent lifestyle.

Where to Live at University in Lancashire

There are also student apartments available in Preston, which offer a private space with shared facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms. The most popular types of these are silver studios, which are small but include all the essentials such as a bed, desk and wardrobe. Students who are interested in living in student flats should ensure they book a viewing tour beforehand to see what is on offer.

It is important for students to make sure they book their accommodation early, as good quality property rarely stays on the market for long. They should ask about the rental fees and length of tenancy, parking, neighbours, and the local area. If they are unable to view the property in person, they can use virtual tours to get a feel for what it is like.

Furthermore, affordable accommodation options help promote diversity and inclusivity within the student community. It ensures that students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can access and benefit from higher education, contributing to a richer and more vibrant learning environment.

In this home away from home, students discover themselves, overcome challenges, and build character. They learn the art of compromise, adapt to different personalities, and cultivate a sense of responsibility. The lessons learned in student accommodation become an integral part of their personal and professional growth, shaping them into well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

With a focus on community engagement, personal development, well-being, and location-centric offerings, providers are creating environments that go beyond traditional living spaces. By embracing these modern trends and concepts, student accommodation is revolutionizing the way students live, learn, and grow during their educational journey.

The city of Preston offers a vibrant cultural scene with live music, food, drink and shopping. Its history dates back to Roman times, and it is now a modern, friendly and welcoming place for students to study. It is home to the Lancashire student accommodation, and there are plenty of attractions for students to explore, including the Harris Museum & Art Gallery. The city has a great reputation for its food and drink, and there is a huge choice of bars, pubs and restaurants to try out. It is also very convenient for day trips to Manchester and London, which are a short train ride away.

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