According to their website, Mormon beliefs about heaven closely mirror the beliefs held by most people who try to follow the Bible. Mormon teachings about heaven include the idea that when you die, you are resurrected as a spirit creature and are judged based on the works you did on earth. Mormon beliefs teach that if you have accepted Jesus as your savior and have followed his gospel and his teachings, then your reward is heavenly life with God. If you haven’t done these things, you’re still eligible for a reward if you’ve done good works and led a good life, but that reward doesn’t include being in heaven with God.

Mormon beliefs include three separate types of kingdoms or what they call degrees of glory. This includes the heavenly realm; this is the highest degree of glory and is reserved for those who accept Jesus as his savior, live according to his gospel and his teachings. There is also the terrestrial kingdom; this is for people who refuse to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ but live good or honorable lives apart from these beliefs. And the third part of Mormon beliefs about heaven is the telestial realm; those who continue in their sins and do not repent until after they have died.

A large part of Mormon beliefs about heaven and all other matters are attributed to what they believe to be the revelation of Jesus to their Prophet Joseph Smith, who stated that “the same sociability that exists among us here will exist among us there.” . [in eternity]only it will be accompanied by eternal glory.”

Of course, if you’re genuinely curious about Mormon beliefs about heaven or anything else, it’s important to speak personally with someone of the Mormon faith rather than just reading rumors online or elsewhere.

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