1. Create a welcoming entrance – When the front door opens directly into the room without a designated foyer, you can create the illusion of one with an area rug. A chevron wool rug is a good example of how to create an inviting entryway and makes a nice contrast to hardwood. Use a bold colored area rug to complement the look by adding a small piece of furniture and some art.

two. Make your living room a focal point – While large rooms and tall spaces are the appealing aspect of an open concept home, they also present a challenge in organizing a cozy space to hang out. A beautiful living space can go undefined until you lay down a patterned rug for a cozy and inviting conversation area. With high ceilings and large windows, the rug provides an anchor to the room and draws attention from large spaces, making the room feel nice and cozy.

3. Define the dining area – Just because your home lacks a traditional dining room, doesn’t mean you can’t have one. In this contemporary living space, a large rug creates a dining area. With no walls to create tangible zones, a rug is needed to organize the space into useful areas. When choosing an area rug for under the table and chairs, make sure the rug is large enough for the chairs to slide behind the table without falling off the edge of the rug.

Four. Scheme of high traffic areas – Larger spaces often mean there are multiple entrances and exits both to the outside and to other rooms. Dare to place area rugs on top of your already installed rugs for protection. This indoor/outdoor rug is not only visually appealing, it can handle the traffic from French doors. More importantly, it creates a traffic pattern.

5. outdoor area rugs – Large patios can also be transformed into defined, open-air living spaces. A durable outdoor rug can create a great outdoor living area in a space without defined borders. A rug makes any sitting area and especially in front of a fireplace a cozy, creative and inviting family space for more family sharing.

With walls collapsing in remodels and new homes reflecting open-concept design trends, rugs provide comfort and beauty while organizing and maximizing space. Liven up your decor by adding area rugs. Take a look at online stores that have beautiful affordable rugs for sale, check out decorating ideas online and social media, get an idea of ​​what look you would like to achieve but at the same time think outside the box and dare to be. different. Your family and friends will surely love what you have chosen. Living on a budget? Find out how much you need to spend and plan a monthly amount to set aside and a target date. You can change your decoration by painting an accent wall, add some decorative vases with colorful fruits or flowers, use colorful owls and the rugs you have chosen.

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