For you, Valentine’s Day can be a day to spend with your partner or to spend in the city. But don’t forget about the children. You need to make sure to think about them on this day and find a way to express your love for them as well. While they may have a party at school even giving each other funny Valentine’s Day cards, they still need to know that you are thinking of them on this day of love.

For many parents, there is a fine line between spoiling and showing that they care. That said, it’s still important to show your love to them and what better way to do that than through Valentine’s Day? Here are some suggestions for gifts and things you can do based on your child’s age.

Preschool-age children, up to four years of age

At this age, even when they are young, they should be able to see the value of giving a gift rather than just receiving it. Let them do something for others. For example, make a batch of cookies for the day (or buy them) and allow them to decorate the plate by providing them with a piece of paper to decorate them. Be sure to reward them with a plate of cookies after they have delivered their gifts. Talk about why it is important to show love in this way.

Gifts for this age group that you can give include:

* Stuffed animals, perhaps personalized with your name.

* Books to read and color, perhaps with a love theme in them.

* Take them to lunch at their favorite restaurant.

* Start a tradition like a visit to the zoo on this day each year.

Young children, ages five to seven

Now they can do much more. Maybe you have a cookie party and invite your friends and mothers to help. Have them make the cookies, decorate them, and then help distribute them. Perhaps taking them to a children’s hospital or nursing home to help share the love for Valentine’s Day is a great solution. Give them to neighbors, friends, or even grandma.

At this age, children love to do things. This is the perfect project for them! Have them make cards, filled with great art supplies and stickers. Be sure to also provide them with a reward for all their hard work.

Gifts here include:

* A stuffed animal, here think of your personal favorites.

* How about a movie?

* If you don’t want to take them to see a movie, buy one they want.

Older children: ages eight and up

The same activities of making cards and cookies together will continue to work here. They are likely to be more proud of their work and the results will show it. Also, consider incorporating scrap booking into this activity. Kids can make a scrapbook of all their favorite adventures and memories to share with special people.

Another great tip is to remember to send pictures and cards to troops abroad. Make sure you allow them to send their own messages and maybe they’ll get a pen pal too.

Afterward, spend some family time with a pizza.

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