A great reason to use healing crystals and minerals is this: to decrease electromagnetic pollution in your home.

The electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by the Earth emit frequencies of 300 cycles per second. Add to this our many toys and electronic devices, all of which emit EMF, and the amount of EMF absorbed by our bodies quickly rises to unhealthy levels.

Too much EMF absorption can negatively affect your health, and some of the many symptoms are: depression, paranoia, dizziness, tremors, rash, memory loss, weakened immune system, anxiety, drowsiness, insomnia, hair loss, heart attacks, fatigue. , epilepsy, and the list goes on and on.

The guys from the SYFY ™ program, “Ghost Hunters,” call indoor areas with EMF readings ‘cages of fear’ because people who work in these areas often experience paranoia, hallucinations, depression, and other unpleasant symptoms. It is a very appropriate nickname for these places.

I lived in a ‘cage of fear’ for the worst three years of my life to date, in a basement apartment that had the heat, plumbing fixtures, and whole house electrical wiring right outside my door. bedroom.

My physical and mental health plummeted. The dense atmosphere made it difficult to breathe. He had no physical energy. It took me an effort to walk inside the apartment because it felt like I was trying to break through wet concrete. A horrible, inexplicable rash developed on my hands, oozing. That apartment felt like a higher level from hell.

It was then that I learned that I am hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. Many people don’t realize it. It could be hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. This is not something to dismiss as nothing! EMF pollution is an unavoidable by-product of our technological age, but it’s also not impossible to live with it if you limit your time around computers, appliances, and other electronic equipment.

Natural crystals and minerals in the earth can be used as EMF shields to help absorb excess energy waves that you and I go through every day.

When looking for crystals or minerals to use for this purpose, look for varieties that absorb and die off energy. Here are examples of easy-to-find minerals that you can use to absorb excess EMF emissions.

1. Jasper is my all-time favorite. This mineral absorbs excess EMF emissions as well as the earth and connects its energy with the earth. Wear jasper as a necklace or keep a good-sized piece of jasper on your computer desk. This highly decorative stone comes in many beautiful colors and is commonly found in mineral stores, craft stores, or online.

2. Black obsidian is another mineral that can remove excess electromagnetic fields from the park. Obsidian, a shiny stone with a glassy black surface, is formed from molten lava. It absorbs negative energy from the environment, not only electromagnetic fields, but also negative energy created by emotions. This is a very foundational stone that you may find too powerful for your liking. Remember to trust your intuition when choosing crystals and minerals.

3. If the energy of black obsidian is too much for you, try smoky quartz crystal. The energy of smoky quartz is strong, but it works slowly and smoothly. I think her energy has a grandmother feel to it; powerful, wise, ancient. This crystal works superbly as an EMF shield. Its energy can help relieve stress, help you focus, and can even help you sleep.

4. Fluorite is another favorite crystal widely used by crystal people. It comes in shades of purple, green, blue, yellow, clear, white, and a combination of all colors. Green Fluorite works best to ground and absorb negative energy from the environment. But again, you may find purple or rainbow fluorite to be more of your ticket. In the photo at the bottom of this page are green and purple fluorite pyramids.

5. Malachite is a beautiful dark green stone with darker bands. It absorbs, lands, and discharges negative energy into the environment, from situations, and from your personal energy bodies. This means that your energy tends to bring up unresolved emotional problems, so unless you want to solve some problem, you may want to use Malachite in small amounts.

Never allow small children or your pets to eat malachite! Malachite has very high levels of copper that can cause serious and even fatal blood poisoning.

6. Pyrite stone resembles pieces of smooth metal. It will block EMF emissions as well as many other types of negative energy. Carry Pyrite in your pocket and keep it next to your microwave or computer. You can try gluing a piece to your cell phone!

7. Let’s not leave out the king of the crystalline kingdom: the transparent quartz crystal. Clear quartz glass is used in many ways, one of which blocks and neutralizes EMF emissions. Place a large piece near your microwave or computer equipment, or place a large piece on each window sill in your computer room.

Choosing what type of crystal or mineral to use is easy. Your energy will react positively or negatively with different types of crystals and minerals. You may hate black obsidian, but you love Jasper. You may not understand why and that’s okay. Choose crystals or stones that “look good” on you and you will have a natural defense against electromagnetic fields in your life.

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