Traditional teachings on healing and faith tell us that a) our faith must be absolute and b) we cannot know the ways of God. If our prayers for healing are not answered, according to these traditional teachings, our faith was not strong enough or we prayed for the wrong result.

These teachings are incomplete and leave us powerless in the face of sickness and disease. It’s crazy to blame God. A perfect God cannot be the source of our imperfection. All healing begins with understanding the power of the mind.

These are some of the teachings of some famous spiritual healers:

Jesus – Many Christians have not heard of A Course in Miracles, and many who have heard of the document do not accept it as the teachings of Jesus. However, the voice that delivered the teachings was identified as the voice of Jesus.

A Course in Miracles teaches that no decision is made alone. We make decisions with the help of the ego, which is the belief in an individual self, or with the Holy Spirit, which is the voice of God. Much of the Course is devoted to explaining how to be healed by choosing God’s voice. What you do in the world is nothing, and what you think about the world is everything.

Ascended Masters – The ascended masters who inspired the book The Disappearance of the Universe, teach that the essence of spiritual healing is not really about the patient. All healing is the result of some kind of forgiveness, and all forgiveness leads to self-healing.

It is important to understand the type of forgiveness they teach. This form of forgiveness is based on the idea that nothing really happened. The book uses over 400 pages to explain the idea that nothing outside of God really exists.

Joel S Goldsmith – As we experience a greater awareness of being with our source, or God, pain, suffering and disease cease to exist. Students are taught to live harmoniously in the world without being subject to it.

Don Miguel Ruiz – Toltec wisdom has its roots in southern Mexico thousands of years ago. The Toltecs believe that the life we ​​take as our reality is a dream. Since the dream is created from our beliefs and thoughts, it can be changed. Undoing our current view of reality and understanding how that view shapes our experience is the foundation of Toltec wisdom.

Bradley Falk – Teaches a practical, realistic approach to healing, but includes spirit helpers. What I like about Bradley Falk is that he has written a book that represents his attempt to give every reader the benefit of a $3000 healing session in person. The book is a remarkable and heroic effort to heal every reader,

All healing is spiritual and all healing begins with understanding the power of the mind. Consider the case of Louise Hay, who began teaching techniques for metaphysical healing in the 1970s. Coincidentally, the same decade that A Course in Miracles was written.

Louise Hay had the opportunity to put her techniques to the test when she was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. She considered surgery and drugs before deciding that she would try to heal herself. She began an intensive program of affirmations, creative visualization, nutritional cleansing, and psychotherapy. After six months, Louise’s doctors were surprised to discover that she did not have cancer.

All healing begins with understanding the power of the mind. Even the best medical care in the world depends on the patient’s mind accepting the treatment. We are just beginning to understand the power of the mind to influence the body.

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