Prepare for this dose of medicine because it may not taste good. But I guarantee you will be better after it is digested.

My goal for my Big Money Speaker Tips is to beat the BSs that have been passed around for years in the public speaking industry so you can instantly start earning the amount of money you want. I am here for you and to help you. That is why I refuse to sugarcoat my advice in articles.

So here you go …

Stop listening to BS in the public speaking industry!

You know what I mean when I say Listen to BS because I’m sure someone who is a public speaker … or worse yet … someone trying to teach public speakers has probably told you the following:

Dream big and you’ll be on your way to a great public speaking career!

Be careful to listen to anyone who tells you this, especially if they are paying you hard-earned money to advise you.

First of all, understand that I am a firm believer in dreaming, visualizing, planning and acting. But here’s why you can’t get caught up in believing that to make big money as a public speaker, all you have to remember is to dream big and you’re on your way to a great speaking career!

The truth is, you can dream big as much as you want, but that doesn’t pay off your mortgage … or your electricity bill … or your heating bill … or whatever you pay!

Simply put, there is only one thing that really matters if you are going to make a lot of money as a public speaker … and never forget it or take it out of your sight:

Tell me how to find the people who have the money to pay me to speak or I’m BROKEN!

PERIOD! That is all! The ball game is over!

You can dream big all you want, but if you’re not getting hired by the people in your market (or niche) who have the money to hire public speakers, then you’re broke!

NEVER forget it and NEVER take your eyes off it!

I wish someone had taught me that years ago when I entered the speech industry … no one told me that!

They told me things like that all you have to do to be very successful as a public speaker is ‘speak passionately’ and ‘tell your story’, all of which are still being told to public speakers today.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I mean “speak passionately” and “tell your story.” But what everyone who tells you that doesn’t realize is that you will NEVER get a chance to ‘speak passionately’ or ‘tell your story’ if you are not hired FIRST on the show!

Look, it’s very simple. I can be the best public speaker in the world (which I certainly am not. I’m just decent). Hypothetically, I may be the best speaker in the world, but if you just know how to find the people who have the money to pay you to speak … and I don’t … no matter how good a speaker is

I am because they will reserve you for me and I’ll be sitting at home … and probably broke!

If all you did from this point forward was focus on implementing this tip, I truly believe it would triple your income!

I should know because that’s exactly what happened to my public speaking income when I finally found out that this was the KEY that opened the treasure chest for a public speaking fortune!

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