You can advertise openly on Facebook if you’re prepared to pay the price, but you can also engage in subtle sales at zero cost if you put your mind to it.

About three months ago I signed up, created a profile and started building a bank of ‘friends’.

Within weeks I had over 1,000, prompting me to start a group.

What a thing; that’s what everyone does.

Maybe yes, but I have my own agenda.

I give freely in the Profile and Group channels of my creative writing experience; Periodic informative publications with a subtle end tag.

Each of these tags is linked to one of my creative writing course series.

Now here’s the trick…

Not a day goes by that ClickBank doesn’t confirm that I’ve recorded more sales.

These are sales of not one, two or three of my products, but ALL of them.

In the process during the months of April and May I added more volume in dollars than in all of 2007.

The moral is: don’t ask why, just sign up for Facebook and give it a try…


For effective Facebook branding, find groups that are in your category and join them. Make friends among group members. Go back and read your personal profile. If you were one of those people you want to connect with, what would be your impression of yourself? Is that the profile of someone you would like and trust?

Fill in all the boxes on your profile. The purpose of social marketing is to connect with the right people. Who knows exactly what they will see that will make the connection happen? So cram every G-rated part of yourself into that profile that you can. You never know who will connect with you because your favorite movie is “The Maltese Falcon.” Give them lots of intersection points.

As visitors write on your Facebook wall, compare what they say to your brand. You need to know what your brand is, have it clearly defined, and then cut out what shouldn’t be there. Get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to your brand.

To connect strongly with the right people, expose who you really are. Write on other walls. Put a comment on your photos. Ask questions. The more you are a part of their life on Facebook, the more likely your brand will make a good impression. Also, they see you as someone who takes the medium seriously.

Don’t make your profile too busy. If you include a bunch of apps, it will hide your true self. Keep it simple, so it’s easy to see your Facebook brand.

If you can make videos, add a YouTube app to your Facebook profile. And if you can’t make videos, learn how to do it. Visitors can really bond with you when they watch your well-planned 2-minute video. Optimum, of course, is branded video that enhances who you are.

Promote your profile. Just making a profile is not enough. It will stay there forever, adding no value to your life or anyone else’s. Strategy no. #1 is to join those specific groups and interact with the other members of the group. And once you have a little experience with that… define exactly what would be the ideal group that you would like to join. Then create it yourself. What better way to find the specific people you want to connect with?

Evaluate your Facebook brand at least weekly. Update something. Social marketing is not a sport for hermits. You need to show that you are serious, and serious visitors will notice.

You will be able to meet those specific people who otherwise would never have found you.

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