Although I loved my stainless steel appliances in the showroom and thought they looked beautiful at first, I hate the fingerprints and smudges they showed. I don’t think I clean anything else in my house as often just to make it still look so bad. It really made me question my purchase.

For a while I tried cleaning them with the stainless steel cleaners you can buy at the store. With all the promises manufacturers make about how well they “shine, protect and clean fingerprints,” I was very disappointed in the results. The label said it was supposed to help “effortlessly repel dust and dirt, to avoid water marks and leave a streak-free shine.” None of which I found are true

That material left a film on my appliances and actually changed the color of the stainless steel surface. They are noticeably darker on the front than on the sides where I have not used the chemical. It seemed like I was constantly cleaning everything and I got this buildup of wax that looked horrible and actually attracted more fingerprints!

How disappointing. There had to be a better way! So I did a little research like when I bought my stainless steel appliances, and if you’re a busy mom like me and don’t have time to follow everyone around the house cleaning fingerprints, then I’ve found the solution for you too. . It turned out to be another gadget! It’s a handy little tool called a steam cleaning machine.

I bought a good one, heated it up, and started falling in love! I just put the mouthpiece on the steamer and grabbed a microfiber cloth. Spray and wipe quickly and voila! The vaporizer leaves a beautiful streak-free shine. I am pleased to report that the stainless color has returned to the original.

It’s amazing how easy it is to clean my appliances now, and since the steam is just water, it doesn’t leave any residue that makes fingerprints stained. What’s really cool is how the hot steam seemed to melt through the chemical buildup and now my entire kitchen is sparkling and sparkling!

I also love the process. Just heat it up and start steaming the clean stuff. Now I love the idea of ​​steam cleaning and things seem to stay cleaner longer. I just didn’t realize how nice it would look and how easy my stainless steel would be to clean. I love steaming and now I can also enjoy my stainless steel appliances.

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