With fierce competition in the business arena, having a strategic advantage is paramount. However, the task seemingly appears to be quite a challenge, as a company is often faced with myriad core and non-core business goals. It has been observed that in order to meet the product release date, testing time is often greatly reduced; this greatly impairs the quality of the product. To ensure good quality product releases, most companies prefer to outsource their software testing assignments abroad.

Software quality assurance is indeed a positive way to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Due care must be taken to locate errors in the product and correct them. Sometimes a bug lies beneath several functional layers of the product and has minimal effect on product performance. However, there are certain errors, which are present on the surface and have major effects, such as leading to data drop and eventually major loss. Therefore, testing should be done early in the software development lifecycle to ensure a bug-free release of the software.

QA testing is carried out not only to locate bugs, but also for a variety of other purposes, such as performance, confirmation testing, etc. Therefore, a proper strategy should be devised before QA testing is attempted so that it does not lead to few or more missed errors. So answer the questions “Why are we testing?” and “What are we going to try?” must be with you before you begin the testing process.

Once you have finished finding out the answers to the two most important questions listed above, you can begin the series of activities to assess the quality and performance of the software product. Manual and automatic tests can be performed to detect errors. After each test run, the bugs found can be sent to the development team for rectification. Once a batch of localized bugs is resolved, the test team repeats test runs to validate that those bugs no longer exist. Then it’s time to point out new errors, and the cycle continues until the quality of the product reaches optimal levels.

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