There was a time when television, newspapers and radio were the only ways to advertise products and services. But social networks, which were born a decade ago, have revolutionized the game and the very concept of global marketing, as well as the exchange of information. There is a lot of impressive data available on popular websites like Facebook and other media platforms to influence sales and other modes of communication. Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies want to capitalize on this integral part of Internet traffic.

Let’s take a look at some of the social media trends that are huge this year. Here is a list of changes to the game that may occur in 2017:

1. Social messaging

Private social messaging has become the norm of the day and the best examples can be seen in the homage to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In recent times, the fashionable population has used messaging applications more than social networks. In 2017, we may see more similar apps making their mark.

However, they will bear the brand of large conglomerates or start-ups that will create their own groups to popularize their products.

2. Fake news

Almost 20 billion people in the world are connected to the Internet at some point in their daily lives. To get more likes and shares, there are people/companies/channels spreading fake news and inaccurate information to improve their popularity.

The incident that readers would not have forgotten will be the 2016 US presidential election, where inaccurate information about the candidates was widely spread across all media platforms. Each platform will take some drastic measures to curb this negative activity.

3. Augmented Reality

It was Snapchat that brought the concept of amazing augmented reality to social media through its selfie glasses. The Pokémon Go app became very popular in 2016. Likewise, other platforms will also make their way into the same arena in 2017.

4. Chatbots

Granted, chatbots are still in their early stages, but this AI tool can quickly respond to customer questions and comments. Social networking websites are trying their best to include this tool on their platforms to prevent customers from going to another website.


Only four trends are covered in this article, but experts estimate that there will be the most changes to the tools used on similar platforms. For more social media updates and current trends, don’t forget to subscribe to our website.

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