Social media marketing is truly a rapidly growing technology that enables the ways and means for people to interact socially. Examples of social media marketing tools are Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and You Tube. Defined, it means using online tools like blogging, marketing, customer service, advertising, and public relations. There are some fundamental concepts to this marketing niche that comprise your basic activities online, like creating a buzz which is a way to attract attention. Buzz is perhaps what makes online social networking work. It relates to newsworthy events, blogs, videos, and even tweeting. It is a very powerful marketing tool.

Being an advertising method, social media marketing is a method that is based on various online social networking services that can be email or instant messaging, for example. Social networking websites are becoming huge communication sites where people come together to share information, news, and idle chat. Recently, many of these services, such as MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedin, have developed ways to combine conventional email and instant messaging in their services. Until recently, these types of social media tools were thought to only be used by techies and nerds. Today, more and more people want to know how to use these services to market their brands.

Historically speaking, online social media marketing has been around for several years. People have been connecting to blogs for the last two years and even before the World Wide Web was created, people were connecting to Usenet News. In reality, early users of dial-up bulletin board services exchanged primitive text messages and limited graphics. There are some interesting parallels between the early days of online social networking and today’s most popular tools and services. That’s good news for the aspiring online marketing entrepreneur. If you’re looking to market something online, this place has some powerful capabilities for your business.

If you want to use online social media marketing as a means to promote your business, there are several thoughts to consider. The key to remember when using this tool to market your business is that you need to target people who have a common interest in your brand. If you develop social friends online who share your interests, your community will grow as more people visit your blogs and posts. It is analogous to using word of mouth to popularize your brand. Your social network can bring new friends into the fold for your business marketing efforts.

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