Welcome to Romania, a heavenly paradise with green mountains, hidden cathedrals and charming medieval cities. Romantic cities on the Black Sea beaches, ancient wooden monasteries and ancient castles will take you back in time. The incomparable natural beauty coupled with the myriad of outdoor activities makes it one of the most interesting and least understood destinations in Europe.

Romania, a country located at the intersection of central and southeastern Europe, is definitely one of the most unblemished landscapes that can provide unlimited viewing pleasure. Whether you choose hunting, fishing, or the perfect massage and spa, Romania is sure to exceed your expectations.

Steeped in local customs and history, Maramures, a dream landscape is a key tourist attraction. A nice culture in Europe is thriving here with old churches, traditional music and colorful festivals. Churches and wooden buildings built by hand, you shouldn’t be surprised here. It is a fascinating place where one can be surprised with the mixture of ancient and modern habits. Be sure to see the wonders of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed churches and monasteries in the villages of Barsana, Budesti, Desesti, Leud, Plopis, Poinile, Izei, Rogoz, and Surdesti.

The Apuseni Caves, mysterious holes in the Earth, are a paradise for explorers. Hadobana, a huge underground labyrinth and the Zgurasti cave, a spectacular underground cave, keep you spellbound. Outdoor adventure here can be on the bucket list of many adrenaline junkies in search of thrills. Mysterious caves that cut through the forests, deep gorges, mountain pastures; a true lost world for avid hikers. Walk through the labyrinth of the Plateau of the Lost World, explore and be amazed by the creations of nature.

Spend some time checking out the dreamy medieval town of Sighisoara, the hometown of ‘Dracula’. Cobblestone streets, church bells, and colorful museums reveal treacherous local history. The undoubted highlight of this pretty city is the massive clock tower. Head to Saxon Villages, you can walk, bike or drive. Plus, marvel at the Citadel Museum and Torture Room.

If you are preparing for a ski excursion, Romanian hill stations can be an unforgettable experience. The Bucegi, Piatra, Craiului and Postaravu mountains are home to some of the major ski resorts; opens up the limitless world of skiing and winter sports.

The incredible folk heritage has made this country a unique destination. A walking tour of the majestic Carpathian Mountains or the Transylvanian Alps can definitely get an intimate appreciation of rural Romania. Danube Delta, offers an excellent bird watching experience. The capital city, Bucharest, shows another era, with some important monuments such as the Palace of the Parliament. It is also worth stopping to take in the breathtaking views of Brasov; Peles Castle with the spectacular backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains. The Black Church and the Trumpeter Tower with its baroque architecture can be excellent backgrounds to leave visitors in a romantic atmosphere.

Although the winters are quite cold and the summers are quite hot, Romania is a destination for the whole year. Romanian holidays can be enhanced by trying some burgers, kebabs and pizza slices. Moderately priced hotels and restaurants offer a relaxing stay in Romania. Flying is the popular way to access Romania, and most international flights land in Bucharest, the capital.

Filled with majestic natural beauty, balanced rustic villages along with its complicated history, Romania is definitely a potpourri of experiences.

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