Today I am going to share with you a newly developed software that helps me drive good quality traffic to my site. The creator of this bot called it RefererX, formerly known as RefererBot and it already makes money online by selling products and placing AdSense ads on the traffic generated by this bot software.

What is RefererX?

So what is this RefererX about? Frankly speaking, RefererX is a software bot that helps you promote your sites on autopilot. Cunning is he? Yes, but not so fast. This software bot will help you promote even while you sleep, chat on the phone, go out and do other activities that might prevent you from promoting your website to others.

How does RefererX work?

RefererX is software that helps you promote your URL by placing it in the traffic log/statistics of other websites. In this log, your URL will be seen in the referral section, the section where it shows where certain traffic is coming from.

Depending on where this record is located on that website, the people who will see your URL may be the website owner or visitors to that website. For example, the AwStats record is in the back-end of a website and therefore the viewer will only be the owner of the website. On the other hand, Feedjit live traffic feed is placed on the front page of a website. Therefore, your URL will also be visible to visitors.

How much traffic can RefererX generate?

It all depends on the registry you are promoting your URL on. For example, older registries like Webalizer, AwStats, etc. won’t get much attention compared to newer registries like Feedjit Live Traffic Feed, Wowzio Activity Feed, Google Analytics, etc. But older registration has been shown to generate quality technical traffic, although the number may not be that large. Therefore, having a list of specific websites based on the type of registration they use is a good strategy.

For your information, there are 2 different types of registration on the market:

First, register that you make your report based on access to the server. This is typically used by older log types such as AwStats, Webalizer, TraceWatch, Cpanel stats, etc.

Second, register that your report is based on JavaScript. This is the newer logging type which is mostly applied by the most well known logging provider such as Feedjit, Wowzio, histats, WordPress stats, Google Analytics etc.

How fast can we see results?

It all depends on the moment. In most cases, if your URL appears in the registry of a Singaporean website, around 6:00 a.m. This is because most people are online during that hour. So having specific websites based on countries/time zones will be a big help. You can start seeing incoming traffic as soon as after 30 minutes of use.

So now, if everything went smoothly, you can expect return traffic to be 0.3%-5% of total websites visited. This number can grow even higher if the website visited is highly targeted.

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