We often discuss the need to hire the best real estate agent for your personal needs, priorities, circumstances, home, and personality! However, it is essential for a homeowner to recognize and realize that while all of these factors are significant and relevant, until, unless, the home is sold, the transaction is not complete or successful! An essential component, in this process, is to contemplate and implement the best approach and methods used to transform, price, market and use the best sales techniques, etc., to reach the desirable point, if done, a home- SOLD OUT, word. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is such an essential consideration.

1. Strategy; system; sale; strengths: To get a house, to sell it, creative agents create and implement a meaningful and relevant strategy, focused on the house, the neighborhood and the particular area. This should lead to a system for the sale of the target property, and clearly identify its strengths, especially those related to the competition. Relevant and focused marketing, promotion, and advertising, combined with well-considered pricing that is fast, timely, follow-through, and attracting a substantial number of ready, qualified buyers, makes for one’s proactive selling to gain the necessary traction to get the house, sold!

two. Options; opportunities; open minded; opinion; organized: Avoid the My way or the highway, approach to selling a house. Consider various options and alternatives, and carefully evaluate and weigh which ones make sense for the specific home! Does the home have any specific options and/or inclusions that could make it stand out from the crowd? Will the agent take advantage of every opportunity, be open-minded, and organized enough to control the transaction effectively? When interviewing agents, look for someone who will be open about their opinion, in a personalized way, taking many details and considerations into account.

3. Listen; to learn: One thing a smart owner should watch for during the hiring interview process is whether an agent listens effectively to learn what they are looking for and will honor their priorities as an important component of the overall marketing plan.

Four. deepen; discover; deliver: Look for an agent who will delve into the options and possibilities and discover the best paths to achieve your best goals and priorities. Don’t be too impressed by someone who offers a higher listing price than everyone else, because there is a big difference between listing prices and selling prices! Your agent must keep his promises!

Make real estate, focused on, create and develop, a house – SOLD OUT, word and experience! Until/unless the transaction is completed, it really doesn’t make a difference, in the best interest of the owner!

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