Prenatal Teacher Training

The Yoga for Prenatal Teacher Training and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Weekend is a one-day, intensive workshop that introduces prenatal yoga and provides teachers with the resources they need to guide pregnant women through this life changing time. The Yoga for Prenatal Teacher Training Weekend is held in Denver, Colorado at the studios of The Ashtanga Resort and Spa. The weekend’s highlights are a one-on-one practice session led by a qualified and experienced instructor, prenatal yoga classes, and a fun day of workshops, meditation, reflective reflection, and fun yoga. The seminar portion of the program will introduce students to the basic anatomy and physiology of the woman, what happens during pregnancy, prenatal yoga positions, breathing exercises, yoga stretches, pranayama (breathing techniques), and much more. There is also a discussion of various pregnancy complications, prenatal vitamins, safe labor and delivery, lactation, breastfeeding, and preparing for labor and early labor. This is a one-of-a-kind program that will provide yoga teachers and students with the information they need to provide a high quality of care while expecting.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Online

The first part of the program is a one-on-one teaching session focused on the understanding and body mechanics of pregnancy and its many stages. The instructor will focus on introducing students to the basics of posture, yoga positions and asanas. The goal of this teaching session is to familiarize prenatal yoga teachers with asana techniques, which are very important for relieving back and neck pain during labor. The asana will also help prepare the teacher for teaching as it provides many physical supports and stability needed to guide the newborn in its journey through the birth canal. The asana will be followed by discussions on the nature of labor and what happens to women before, during, and after birth.

The second part of the prenatal teacher training focuses on learning the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy. Anatomy is essential to teaching yoga teachers because the relationship between the body and yoga poses is a deep one. During this part of the program, students will learn about dilatation and reflexology. Dilated pupils allow the mind to stay connected to the body; reflexology is about applying pressure to specific areas of the body to relieve physical stress or discomfort. An in-depth review of pregnancy’s physiological features is crucial for teachers who wish to share the knowledge they have with their students in an informative, non-judgmental manner.

Prenatal Teacher Training – What You Should Know About Prenatal Classes

Prenatal yoga teacher training will also include a study of miscarriage and abortion. These topics are complex and emotional for pregnant students. The emotional rollercoaster associated with miscarriage can be difficult to handle. Teachers will learn the best way to approach these sensitive topics, what to ask and how to deal with difficult clients, and how to reduce any stressors that may come with discussing these topics.

Part of the prenatal teacher training program will focus on the basics of labor and delivery. Expectant mothers will learn how to recognize the beginning signs of labor, how to time their bodies to give birth, and how to get their bodies into the position they desire to give birth. This information is essential to everyone, but especially important for pregnant women. After childbirth, there are many post-natal conditions that a woman might need to take care of. Yoga teachers will need to know how to identify these conditions and how to treat them appropriately. This is necessary information that should not be overlooked during this training.

The third area of the prenatal teacher training program that instructors should focus on is the arts and crafts. Art and music are essential components of our culture and are often used in the first few words of a poem, a song, or a story. A doula will bring her personal experiences and her expertise to the table as she teaches yoga. The skills needed to teach yoga are transferable and valuable to students in the yoga alliance prenatal certification program.

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