A healing shrine design specialist suggests solutions to create a symbiotic relationship between the user and the space. Regardless of what is occupied, a home, an office, a commercial or spiritual space, calm is created to restore the occupants to a state of quality of being.

Another way of describing this interior design service is that we create environments conducive to tranquility. However, it results in less stress. Bob Proctor said it best when he discussed statements like “I want to get out of debt.” As long as the subject exists in the statement, it will maintain a presence.

How the user moves and uses the space, the number of possessions, which are extensions of the user, create form and flow within it. The types of spaces that people inhabit from a corner with a bed, or a bed in the middle of a space with many beds, or a house, imply the state of mind they choose to be in. While some are adept at focusing and easily achieving states of mind, others might use elements to support their efforts to keep “the story.”

The user’s personal items, natural additions, methods such as feng shui, geomancy, dowsing and the use of sound and light in its many complex forms of color are used to optimize the power and quality of space. A change doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Existing elements can be reassigned and repositioned.

The colors of the surface and the object are selected to perform. Colors should nurture, not “explode” for no reason other than to look good. One example is how paint colors are very trendy right now. Design television shows show spaces painted in chartreuse, vibrant orange, and gray. The colors seem to be selected according to the designer’s choices for the users, No based on color YeahFetc about users.

The vibrancy of color affects the human psyche. Since vertical walls are probably the largest surface mass within a space, chroma, saturation, and value should be considered rather than just hue. Spatial occupancy is a necessary consideration when selecting colors.

Keep in mind the color schemes of the hospital vs. exhibition convention. Hospitals are used for healing and outlast an exhibition where the graphics and color displays are designed to excite and engage customers quickly.

Waiting rooms are green for a reason. The wonderful color additions of sages, lovely greens that have degrees of gray, are attractive and calming as well. These new colors mimic nature more accurately. Observe that a field of green flora is relaxing. Deciduous trees have deep green colors, but the brightest, most vibrant color is just the new growth. Evergreen trees have a deep green color, however it is not overpowering. A black chain-link fence “disappears” better than a silver or green one due to the grays and shadows between the leaves.

Studies document the best color options for spatial use. Restaurant interiors apply orange on large visible surfaces to stimulate consumption. Other palettes may have orange as an accent, cleverly applied to be in your field of vision when seated. This color may not be the best choice for a kitchen. and a living room. However, if that color is preferred, consider the amount of time spent in space.

One’s state of mind is important. Elements placed within the space remind the user of “the story”. Objects can be placed or built to trigger intentional thoughts in specific areas of the space. Not everything has to be on display. This is personal. As long as the user knows it exists, that’s all that matters. The more spaces there are, the more opportunities there are to reinforce the intention in different ways. The goal is not to have a space just to look pretty. A space can look pretty, be attractive, and serve a greater purpose.

A book review contained the sentence that “vastu shastra is more powerful than feng shuiNone is more powerful than the other. It should be noted that both methods are the result of the brilliance of two completely different cultures with different geological and geographical problems and challenges. Also, there are more energy applications than these two, all born from cultures that recognized the need to balance human needs with their environments.

Sanctuary is a wonderful word because it suggests security and serenity. Your place can be used to hide and isolate yourself from the world at large. You can also choose to create what supports you and allows you to energize yourself to achieve what you want and need to do.

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