Do the colors of the rainbow loom bands that you put on your creations and wear say something about your personality? Colors are chosen to wear for a number of reasons. Girls can select the colors of the rainbow loom band because it is their favorite color or possibly because the color matches their outfit, while boys can choose a color because it is in their favorite sportsman or superhero logo. Researchers have tested the psychology of color and based on their findings, we have compiled a list of the most popular colored loom bands and their suggested meanings.

White: purity, goodness, innocence and goodness.

Gray: intelligence, security and reliability

Black: strength, authority, elegance, mystery and power

Brown – Reliability, Stability, Reliability, Healthiness, and Friendliness

Red: friendship, passion, desire, love and trust.

Pink: courage, power and strength (or a lighter version of the meaning of red)

Orange: energy, compassion, health, happiness and warmth

Yellow: confidence, optimism, hope and strength

Light green: joy, earthiness, nature and youth.

Green: boldness, growth, harmony, fertility, joy and energy.

Light blue: clarity, calm and directness

Blue: loyalty, idealism, healing and protection

Dark blue: inspiration, sincerity and spirituality

Purple: magic, royalty, creativity and wisdom

I know from studying these that it takes more than one color to describe you, in fact it’s probably quite a few colors that accurately represent all of them. In fact, I would say that my personality changes with my mood, my physical location (which means that I am happier at home than at school) or the people around me. To properly display my personality, a full rainbow of loom band colors may be necessary.

My 9 year old son has taken the meanings of colors and made loom bracelets using many colors. These are really cool gifts, as the present is not just the time spent crafting, but also the thought and meaning behind color choices. For example, My son has a boy who is a best friend to him and that is why he made a bracelet with the colors Black and Red because he wanted to express that they were best friends and that they have a powerful friendship.

So maybe your favorite colors are orange and pink, or maybe you want to express that you feel confident and creative, either way have fun and start weaving with these color meanings and present them with rainbow loom band creations.

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