Is the Audecook electric hot pot suitable for making hot beverages?

Audecook electric hot pot suitable

When it comes to dining out, casual family dinners, or even just having friends over for a night of shabu-shabu (simmering pot of broth that people cook meat, seafood and vegetables in) nothing beats a good audecook electric hot pot. These tabletop cookers come in sizes made to feed anywhere from two to six people, and they have all sorts of accessories that let them expand their abilities.

For example, this Dezin model comes with a separate bowl that lets you serve different flavors of soup to your guests at the same time. You can simmer a Sichuan or Mongolian base for spice lovers in the main compartment, while cooking a mild Beijing-style in the smaller one for kids or people with lower heat tolerances. The total capacity between the two is about 5 quarts, enough to feed most people at once.

Most models also offer multiple temperature settings, allowing you to switch between a low simmer for slow-cooking a fondue or boiling water for noodles, and a high setting that can bring everything to a boil or sear a steak in a matter of minutes. Some have a removable steamer rack to use with dumplings or steamed vegetables, and others come with a deep pan that’s more suitable for stews than a shallow grill plate.

Is the Audecook electric hot pot suitable for making hot beverages?

Another great option is this multifunctional Sunpentown model, which has a deep inner pot, a tempered glass lid that’s a little larger than the usual, and a titanium-ceramic nonstick grill plate. You can use the deep pan as your main hot pot, then swap in the grill plate for a stir-fry, a quick sear, or some shabu-shabu fun, and it’s all controlled by a single power dial on the front of the unit.

It’s important to note that you should always be careful when using an electric hot pot. Never place it directly into the fridge, and be sure to keep it away from metal utensils, which can damage the nonstick coating. It’s also a good idea to wash the cooking pot by hand and to avoid placing it in the dishwasher, as that can cause the nonstick coating to scratch off and become prone to discoloration.

Most models are easy to clean as well, with removable parts that you can just wipe down and put in the dishwasher. But you should be extra careful when washing the heating base, control panel, and any other electrical components, as they shouldn’t get wet. If you do need to clean the main body of your electric hot pot, you can usually just fill it up with water and leave it to soak. It’s important to unplug it when it’s completely cool, of course, and to only wash the pot, lid, and any other accessories by hand. For best results, you should also avoid putting your hot pot in the microwave. This can raise its internal temperature and affect the safety of any food stored inside the pot.

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