Twitter feeds and #hashtags fill with big-name corporate events as showcase entertainment turns into conversation on social media. You’ve seen it for yourself, the star of the show takes to the red carpet in a dress that rocks the fashion world and the media highlights a single couple until the cows come home!

Social media is the boost your business needs

When Liza Minelli and Brad Pitt walk the red carpet, it won’t matter that they are tribute artists hired to extol the virtues of their corporate training team, it won’t matter if Elvis is in the room or if Michael Jackson just walked across the stage. The spotlights will be on your corporate event, the MEDIA will max out the red carpet hashtags with style quotes from designers around the world.

“Where did you get that dress from?”

Chitzpah will hit the fans, when your marching band takes the stage, paying homage to the greats with cover themes that get the dancefloor buzzing.

Facebook feeds will be lit up with photos. Selfies with the king, hashtags that rock the stratosphere, and a sparkle at your corporate event that takes you and your workout team straight into the spotlight. How did this happen?

Strategic marketing in social networks

Even the most presidential marketers get the concept of social media presentation and media clout from the ever-ready re-tweeter, massively influencing social media. As a marketer, your job is to present an event worthy of the red carpet. Their marketing team is responsible for filling feeds with relevant, timely and perfectly presented images, memes and quotes that capture the attention of fans around the world.

You might be asking:

  • Can a small corporate event light up social media feeds?

    Yes, of course you can. With proper headlines, hashtags, and poses, any event can be relevant on social media.

  • Will the media notice our business training event?

    Given the opportunity to showcase an event with celebrity potential, prominent importance, and enough tacky action to get it on the cover, you can bet your bottom dollar and your wife’s favorite pearls, you’ll be wowed on all social media sites online.

  • What meaningful action is required to make headlines?

    In today’s marketing platform, your event could be almost insignificant in the realm of life and still top the charts on social media. Self-activated tweets, Facebook story, and interactive messages from your team could storm social media, infiltrate news resources, and hit the front page, in a matter of hours, creating the perfect storm to grow your business to more platforms. beyond your wildest dreams.

A significant number of small businesses start out with a story that puts them in the spotlight. Feel free to share your story or your event on social media and create your own sales platform.

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