In a tough real estate market, those trying to sell their homes need to use every advantage they can to help get it moving faster. One question that many hot tub or spa owners have is whether they should let the hot tub convey onto the property. After weighing the options, many home sellers conclude that it’s easier to leave their spa behind. There are several reasons for this. These are just a few.

A Jacuzzi increases the value of the property. When properly installed and ready to use, it is considered a luxurious and sophisticated addition to a home. It’s a positive selling point and can be the boost a home seller needs to make the property more attractive than the competition’s home. Most people think that a spa is more difficult to buy and install than it really is, so having it ready to go is an advantage for a potential sale over buying a house with a concrete spa deck or a empty area to fill. In today’s real estate market, the fastest selling homes are the ones that are in move-in condition. A spa that is already assembled, installed and in operation meets the requirements.

It might be time for an update. Selling the old spa with the property means a new spa is in order with the new home. This gives the owner the opportunity to purchase a nicer newer model that may have some extra bells and whistles included that weren’t available when the existing model was made. Many modern hot tubs use more sophisticated hot tub filters, which means they don’t need to be changed as often and the water is even cleaner than before. The newer spa equipment makes maintenance easier than it used to be, leaving the new spa owner more time to relax in it.

Another reason a home seller might want to take the appliance with the house is because it’s easier to leave it than take it. For example, the seller’s destination house may be far away. Instead of trying to transport it safely or paying additional shipping costs, it may simply be easier to buy a new one upon arrival at the new location. Another problem may be if there is enough space in the new home for a hot tub or if you already have one.

On the other hand, the seller may not want to get rid of the hot tub. People stick to things that are familiar and easy to use. It could be the ideal model and it could be difficult for the owner to get rid of it along with everything else.

A downside to letting the spa run off with the rest of the property may lie with potential home buyers. They may not be able to afford the added value of the property for sale or may want to haggle over the price. One way to remedy this problem is to simply increase the value of the property prior to listing, making the spa part of the property before it is questioned.

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