We all hate the swing of the arms. It is annoying and embarrassing. Many people try to cover up this sagging problem by wearing long sleeves all the time, which eliminates many clothing options. It makes it difficult to find something to wear, especially if it is for a special event, and is particularly uncomfortable in the summer. When you finally get tired of feeling embarrassed about your arms, hiding them, putting aside pretty blouses and sundresses because they are too revealing for your arms and making excuses as to why you can’t go to the beach with friends, it’s the day you decide. . I just have to do something about that horrible sagging arm. But how?

Discomfort of sagging arm

Arm fat can come with added weight and with aging (after age 40), but not necessarily. Even when you are younger and at a healthy weight, you may have to deal with a sagging arm. It’s an area that naturally seems to attract fat deposits in some women, especially if you have a largely sedentary lifestyle and a desk job. If you tend to avoid physical activity, you may need to strengthen your arm and remove fat from your arm. The good news is that muscle burns fat. Build muscle and burn fat – the two goals go hand in hand. Even when you’re reasonably active – but prefer cardio to weight or resistance training, you may have an arm problem.

What works to burn fat in the arms?

You have many options. If you already do cardio, you could add some weight; For example, when jogging or vigorous walking, do so by holding weights and swinging your arms. You may think it seems strange to do this, but does that really matter when you’re upping your routine to target those flabby arms? Or you can switch to doing a cardio form a few times that’s great for an upper body arm / shoulder workout, like rowing, swimming, or cross-country skiing.

Of course, those options are not always accessible or convenient. One that is quick and easy to do at home, or almost anywhere, is a new piece of exercise equipment that uniquely combines cardio and weight, called Shake Weight. It comes in two versions: one for men and one for women.

Benefits of Using the Shake Weight Dumbbell for Your Arms and Upper Body

One way to burn arm fat is by using the Shake Weight dumbbell. This is perfect for the person who is short on time or wants to include a new fitness tool in their training regimen and is a great piece of ‘entry level’ gear if it’s been some time since you’ve exercised, which allows you to strengthen your arms and upper body and (if you wish) to eventually ‘graduate’ to more challenging workouts, whether at home or in the gym. Shake Weight is small and light, so unlike most fitness equipment, you can: use this dumbbell is that it can be used anywhere, especially:

– travel with you on vacation

– be used outside

– used in front of the television

– can be taken to work to wear on breaks or at lunchtime

This is what one user has to say about Shake Weight:

“It’s not a complete workout on its own, but it’s a quick and fun addition to an existing routine … the intensity of the exercise is affected by the speed at which you shake it. A smooth shake provides a smooth workout and a shake more vigorous gives a slightly harder workout. ”

– WS, amazon.com

How does Shake Weight work?

The idea behind this special dumbbell is that it uses a technology the company calls “dynamic inertia” to tone the arms and upper body muscles. This technology refers to the oscillating movement of the Shake Weight, which creates a greater output of force when in use. The manufacturer says that muscle activity increases by 300 percent, at least compared to traditional weights. This helps you burn arm fat and strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders.

“My arms are getting toned and the fat is disappearing. I have lost an inch on each arm because I measured it before I started using it. Once this gets too easy, I plan to buy the Men’s Shake Weight.”

– Joan L. Cortez, amazon.com

One thing you need to keep in mind with Shake Weight is that you need your feet to be firmly planted on the floor to get the correct posture. Stand with your shoulders back and your neck straight from your spine. Fingers and wrists should be strong and loose. Or you can choose to use Shake Weight while lying on your back on the floor.

Combine your exercise routine with a healthy lifestyle

Don’t smoke, cut down on alcohol and caffeine, get enough sleep, eliminate stress. This also means eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and plenty of water.

Typically, users said they felt their muscles were really working from their first Shake Weight session, and they could see the difference in the mirror in just two to three weeks. Shake Weight is not a magic cure for flabby arms, but it produced faster results than traditional dumbbell arm exercises.

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