If you are a student of the Law of Attraction, then you understand how manifestations occur once the subconscious mind has accepted that the desired result is true. This is often difficult for many people to do. Many have deeply held limiting beliefs that often take a long time to replace. Many of the areas where this occurs most are love, beauty, physical health, and prosperity.

There are numerous ways to influence the subconscious mind with your conscious thoughts to produce the desired result. Almost everyone who uses the Law of Attraction uses visualizations, affirmations, meditations, and constant positive attention and intention on the desired experience. What if there was a way to remove the belief factor from the Law of Attraction process? What if it was possible to simply know what you really want and then be able to get it without spending a great deal of time creating an affirmative belief?

Well, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon a simple method that does exactly that. It is not a new discovery. In fact, the research and validity of the method that I am about to share with you developed over a period of 30 years, from the 1930s until it finally came to public attention in the 1960s. what has not been recognized and learned by a greater number of people. I guess this is because only one book was written about it. It may have been ahead of time and has therefore been out of print for many years. The book was titled “The Secret to the Perfect Life” by James Mangan.

As I did more research on the method, I realized that people, a small number of very lucky people, have been using this technique for years with absolutely mind blowing results. I decided to try it out for myself, and I too have had truly phenomenal results. I have enjoyed a number of manifestations that have occurred in an almost miraculously short period of time. I have used it with financial intentions, and since the day I started I have received gifts, prize money, rebates, increased business and sales, plus just finding money on a daily basis.

The method involves the use of “key words”. This was the word used by the creator, James Mangan, because he liked using it to “light a lamp”. When the correct keyword is used in a particular situation, the result is as easy as turning on a light.

Many people use affirmations to influence their subconscious mind with whatever it is they are looking for. There are two issues that can work against claims, both of which are completely negated by keywords. The first is the fact that the long strings of words that make up traditional affirmations are somewhat inconvenient to use. Finding the perfect word combinations to evoke positive emotion can often be laborious, and it’s not always easy to remember a long statement.

The next problem goes back to our beliefs. As you know, beliefs are the deciding factor whether we get what we want or not. Affirmations sometimes have an adverse effect. If we really don’t believe we can achieve the result we hope for, a little voice inside our heads will tell us “that’s not true!” and can create negative emotions.

Like I said, keywords take care of both factors. A keyword is a single word that encompasses an entire desired result. Therefore, there is no need to remember and repeat long sentences. However, the most powerful factor of a keyword is the fact that it takes belief out of the equation. As we know, a repeated affirmation will gradually start to be accepted by our subconscious mind and as it is, the desired result will start to appear in our life experience. Keywords (the list of which has more than 100 words for specific proposals) instantly convey the desired result to our subconscious mind, and no belief is required. Days, weeks and months of repetition are not needed, because the subconscious mind instantly grasps the desired result and goes to work.

I have limited space here, so I’m just going to list some of the most used keywords, the ones that can be easily used on a daily basis. I’ll tell you where to find more keywords at the end of this article.

Common Keywords-

Find- To build a fortune and receive unexpected things of value

Count-To earn money and increase business.

Give- sell something successfully

Reach-For finding lost items or forgotten recovery information (names, phone numbers, etc.) It’s also great for finding solutions to problems.

Struggle-To win a contest or excel in a game

Careful-To help memorize

Next-To finish a lot of unwanted work

Chuckle-To enhance your personality

Above-To get out of a slump, to get rid of depression

Stretch-For a greater feeling of well-being

Praise-to make you more beautiful

Hole-To get the attention of a lover.

Divine-To invoke extra ability, to work miracles

Cancel-To eliminate unwanted thoughts.

Be-For good health and peace of mind

These words are some of the most commonly used and most can be applied in a variety of situations. Each word relates to a specific desired outcome directly in your subconscious mind, which instantly picks it up and starts acting on it. This is the supercharged Law of Attraction, and it really can be a lot of fun to put it into action. Try some of the keywords. An easy way to get familiar with them is to play one at a time. The next time you can’t find your car keys, start repeating (silently OR out loud) the word REACH. You will be surprised how quickly you find them.

My favorites are counting and finding. I have been repeating them throughout the day for only a couple of weeks and have had an unexpected flow of money in my life. I have also received many other things of value (dinners, gas, etc.) completely unexpected. I have used the scope many times. I used it to get a very high score on a college exam that I wasn’t prepared for. It has been a lot of fun using keywords, and I enjoy them just as much (if not more) than when I started using other Law of Attraction methods.

Keywords simplify, demystify and remove the belief factor from using the Law of Attraction. This can really provide very fast results and some fun experiences. Give it a try, pick a few and try them out. Let me know if you have any interesting experiences to share. I’ve been told about lottery prizes, new business deals, job promotions, and even changes in physical appearance (at least perceived by others). Have fun trying it out for yourself!

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