How does a person get emotionally frozen? When all your feelings and emotions are trapped deep inside you and act like a great pain in your body? Crying acts as a release from these emotions, but when you cannot cry, your body cries out for release.

In a way, it is one of the most painful things to live for. Spending their days and nights with all this pain trapped deep within them. When a loved one dies and you can’t get the emotion out.

Of course, the emotion has to come out somehow, perhaps in headaches, pain in various parts of the body, or dizziness. The worst part is the anxiety. You feel and look anxious and when you get nervous

or stressed the anxiety becomes unbearable. It takes over your mind and body and soon you can’t function.

Sleeping is a thing of the past. Your mind runs and runs, and do you really remember what you were thinking about all those hours you should have been sleeping?

The next step is to see a psychiatrist and take anxiety medications that may or may not work. The side effects, if you read the documents that come with each prescription bottle, are pages long. You cannot win by losing.

What can you do when this happens to you?

1. Sports in which you move your body are good.

2. Swimming is great, it really works the whole body, including the mind.

3. Water aerobics is a bit different than swimming. Tone your body into a sculpted work of art.

4. Walking alone or with a friend is also very therapeutic.

5. Paint a room in your house. Make it colorful. You will do physical exercise and improve your self-esteem.

6. Take your dog for a long walk. Stop and talk to the neighbors. You may know neighbors who have lived in your neighborhood for years and have never met before.

7. Talk to a therapist.

8. Join a support group.

9. Write about it. You don’t need to share it with anyone just for you.

10. Try to breathe deeply. It really helps you calm down.

The goal here is to keep your mind and body busy so you don’t think about all the pain trapped in your body. Someday something unexpected might happen that you see or read and the water will start.

The release of all the emotions trapped in your body will shoot out. But until that happens, try the suggestions above or add your own. Everyone has a hobby or interest that they can lose themselves in. Get lost in yours.

Thanks for reading my article. Feel free to read any of the various articles I have written on numerous topics over the years.

Linda E. Meckler

Copyright 2010

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