The question I get asked the most by passion seekers around the world is “How do I find my passion?”

If you feel that your life lacks passion, what do you do? You obviously do what you’re passionate about, but how do you figure out what your passion is in the first place?

The only thing you can do right away to get closer to finding your passion is to ask yourself specific questions about the people you associate with. Some good questions to get you started areā€¦

  • “What do I like about relating to others?”
  • “What is it that I don’t like about relating to others?”
  • Do I connect particularly well with certain kinds of people?
  • Are there certain topics of conversation that really spark that fire in me?

Next, consider what you’ve spent most of your free time doing in the past, and what that says about your talents and who you are as a person. ask yourself…

  • “What do I really enjoy doing?”
  • “What am I wasting my time doing (in a good way)?”
  • “What would I do even if I didn’t get paid to do it?”

Talent is a great indicator of potential passions. We all ‘happen’ to have an inclination to have a passion for certain things, I believe that we are all born with certain talents, which lead us to enjoy activities that involve our natural talents. This inclination or interest towards something can be further intensified into a passion if you choose.

You do this by spending time thinking about and doing these activities, and taking them as far as they take you. When you cultivate a passion or passions in your life, it ultimately spills over into other aspects of your life as well and helps you live passionately.

These above questions will lead you to find your passion. Take the answers to these questions and analyze them to find the common theme in them. Don’t be afraid to test your theories by trying new activities and seeing what you enjoy and don’t enjoy about them.

By putting these steps into practice, many people have found their passion and I know you will too.

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