Are you continuing to attract the wrong relationship?

The universe responds exactly to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, even if we are not aware of what we are sending. There is no special wand that some people wave over their heads to bring them what we think we deserve and never get. The universe doesn’t work that way. It gives us exactly what we think we deserve.

It is very possible that we have a clear idea of ​​what or who we want. We may have a vibrant thrill of what it feels like to have that. We may also have some kind of knowledge that all of this will come true for us. So why don’t we see the results that have been promised?

Let’s look at this from the point of changing our clothes every day. We can change our clothes (the outside world) every day and appear in our lives in any way we choose. When we change our outer world, our clothes, we only change the mask we wear and how we show society. This will help us to some extent to manifest what we want in our lives. But the real work is to change our underwear. Yes, I did. Changing our underwear will change our lives and create the energy that brings into our lives what we have been looking for. Our underwear in this case represents our thoughts, our beliefs and our emotions. The deep and dirty things that we are hiding inside.

It’s fine to change your external thoughts, we all have to start somewhere. It’s called pretending until you get it. Works. It works as long as you continue to the heart of the matter. When an uncomfortable thought, belief, or emotion arises, we can’t just disguise it in new clothes. We have to look at it, we have to feel it, we have to hear it, we have to heal it, and we have to let it go. This is the process of changing your underwear. Changing your inner world. It is that inner world that sends your truth to the outer world. You are attracting your truth. Have you been losing your brand continuously?

Did your inner world become too uncomfortable to sit on while going through the process? Did something come up at some point that you chose to dress up rather than address it entirely? If so, that little shortcut is what’s keeping you from attracting exactly what you want. If you fear abandonment, but dress him in fancy clothing, you will continue to attract abandonment, simply because you are still vibrating at that fearsome level at your core. Befriend that inner abandonment, love that aspect of yourself, learn where it came from, allow it to be there, this is the process of changing your underwear. It is not an easy job, in fact it is very often very emotional. Sometimes we need help to get through this. Although asking for help makes us vulnerable, it can often speed healing. Having someone to support and coach us through healing is very helpful. Whether you choose to take this step on your own or seek help, the job must be done. Once you take this step, you will immediately begin to attract exactly what you want.

Choose the wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, just make sure the underwear matches the outfit. Once everything matches, you become the magnet for all your desires. You will be surrounded by people who love you, because you fully love yourself.

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