Strength machines and free weights aren’t the only reasons to visit a gym. There’s a reason most treadmills stay busy too. Using a treadmill is considered the best way to get cardiovascular exercise while spending quality time with a family or friend or perhaps watching your favorite movie. Experts have emphasized that the benefits of a treadmill will go far beyond the mere burning of calories.

Benefits You Can Get from Using a Treadmill

Strengthen bones and muscles. – Walking will help you keep your muscles healthy. As people age, their muscles, tendons, and joints begin to stiffen. Exercising on a treadmill will help keep your tendons, joints, and bones very healthy. In fact, they prevent various age-related bone losses while toning the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Increasing the incline of the treadmill will surely improve muscle tone in your legs. Be sure to use a comfortable and safe sloping environment. However, remember to lower the incline setting once you feel pain or perhaps out of control.

Help your heart – A key to a healthy heart is walking 30 minutes a day. This will also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Today, many treadmills have a heart monitor that records your heart rate, time spent exercising, and calories burned.

Convenient – It is quite easy for you to jump on a treadmill or maybe walk for a couple of minutes. You don’t have to worry about dealing with aggressive dogs, fallen pollen, bad weather, traffic, or unsafe neighborhoods. Some users also enjoy reading or watching TV while exercising.

Keeps the joint flexible – To keep your joints flexible, moderate intensity walking can help. In fact, if you have arthritis pain, exercising on a treadmill can help ease the impact on your joints. Also, you don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces if you choose to train on this machine.

Helps to counteract disease. – Research found that exercising regularly with this type of fitness equipment will reduce depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and different types of cancer. The chances of premature death will also be reduced by walking every day.

Types of training

Closed – If you’re looking to avoid the shock of running, you can incorporate hills to create a more challenging workout that targets your hamstring and glute muscles. This will help burn a lot of calories and increase overall endurance.

Velocity – Speed ‚Äč‚Äčintervals can vary in duration from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. This can help improve lung capacity and overall speed.

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