Mobile is a popular means of making phone calls or SMS. Mobile VOIP has gained a lot of attention since the beginning of 2009. More and more VOIP companies are opting for Mobile VOIP services due to its increasing popularity. One such company that offers free international calls through Mobile VOIP is DEFI. This article will give you a brief overview of the new DEFI plans and rates.

What is DEF?
Those of you who are new to Mobile VOIP may not know about this wonderful company. DEFI is a leading provider in the VOIP market. They are well known for offering good quality and reliable services to various companies across the world. They have recently come up with a new plan that allows users to avail this free VOIP calling service at affordable prices.

Now users can make unlimited calls to a variety of destinations around the world just by paying $40-50 per month. A maximum of 3,000 minutes can be used to make calls anywhere in the world with no restrictions on locations. The only downside is that users will not be able to use premium numbers or satellite calls.

Why DEF?
Although this is a free VOIP calling service, the important question that arises is “Why choose DEFI? The answer can be given in 3 stages.
or freedom of choice
o Right to roam
o Power to save

Let me explain all three to you shortly.

Freedom to choose: The main benefit of mobile phones is that they can be used anywhere. The only downside is that sometimes we may lose the network or we may be charged for international roaming etc. This is where DEFI comes into play. Customers who make use of this free VOIP calling service can enjoy the benefits of both worlds. The main feature is that DEFI comes with WiFi hotspots that can easily allow users to make calls at affordable prices.

Right to roam: DEFI gives its customers the opportunity to make calls without problems. All the user needs is a dual-mode smartphone that can automatically detect WiFi hotspots and enable users to talk or surf the Internet effectively. Customers no longer have to worry about their long and expensive phone bills as this service allows them to make unlimited free international calls.

Power to save: Sending emails or making calls while traveling can cost you an arm and a leg. These problems can be easily alleviated with DEFI. DEFI WiFi technology comes with packet-based technologies that make texting, emailing, and social media a breeze. Wherever we go, we see emerging WiFi hotspots in every nook and corner of the markets.

Users just by paying a monthly subscription of $30 can get a PSTN along with a DEFI Global Access Service. This allows users to make use of this number to make free international calls.

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