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While Colorado has become one of the most popular states for sports betting, there are still a number of legal hurdles to cross before you can make a deposit and place bets. Fortunately, there are several ways to get around these obstacles. In addition to comparing the odds of each bet, you should also check whether the website is licensed by the state’s Division of Gaming. A licensed sportsbook will display the Colorado Division of Gaming’s logo and state that it is regulated within the state.

Circa Sportsbook is best known for its retail location in Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas, where it is widely regarded for its low hold on sporting events. The company has already obtained its CO betting license and is currently testing an app in several other states. Circa’s no-fuss platform is easy to navigate and has competitively priced odds and a good selection of markets. However, it is unlikely to become a mainstay of the CO sports betting market anytime soon.


While the selection of sports betting methods is incredibly diverse, there are a few basic types. First, you can wager on a team’s winning percentage or total points scored. Point spreads and point totals are two popular bets that can be placed on teams based on their expected win total. Prop bets are fun, entertaining bets that bet on random occurrences in a game. For example, you can place a bet on Demi Lovato’s outfit or the color of a coach’s wardrobe. Finally, futures are long shot bets that predict the championship winner, but the odds are very high.

Colorado Sports Betting

Unlike in the past, sports bettors can now place bets on a wide variety of events, including football and basketball. While the federal ban on sports betting was lifted by the U.S. Supreme Court, other states were ready to welcome the newcomers. While most states west of the Mississippi River were eager to be the next Nevada, few were willing to move forward in their development. Thankfully, lawmakers in Colorado saw a great opportunity to mix the sports and ski industries.

The best options for depositing money into a sportsbook are not operating system specific. There are many online sportsbooks and retail casino partners in Colorado. Despite their popularity, they may not be the most popular option for sports bettors. Regardless, the list of options available should include the most popular deposit methods. A few of the more common ones are listed below: You can make a deposit using your favorite banking method, credit cards, and even cash.

The second most popular option is an app for mobile devices. There are dozens of options for mobile betting. Android and Apple users can access Colorado sportsbooks via a web browser, while iOS users can enjoy mobile-friendly apps for their favorite mobile device. Among the many retail casino partners are Circa Sportsbook and the Golden Gate Casino. While they are known for their retail locations, they have a large presence in other states. They offer a user-friendly app with good odds and a wide selection of markets.

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