Every child deserves a room that he likes. You need a place of privacy, a place of discovery, and a place that allows you to be who you want to be.

Let’s go over some design ideas that your little one is sure to love.

1. Astronaut room


When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. I dreamed of running past stars and fighting aliens. Of course, that did not happen. But nonetheless, I dreamed and dreamed about it when I was a child. Honestly, if my wife left me, I’d probably do my best to turn our bedroom into outer space today.


  • Glow-in-the-dark stars – Almost every children’s store has them.

  • Astronaut Helmet – You can pick up one of these during Halloween if you can’t find it in the toy section of your local department store.

  • Spaceship Model – You can easily find it in any toy section.

  • Bedding – of course, make them space-related.


1. Throw the stickers on the wall behind the bed and all over the ceiling. It should be enough to cover both as if you are looking at the night sky.

2. The helmet must be placed on a wall shelf. Make sure it’s big enough!

3. The model is something that could be used as a desk decoration or another object to put on the shelf. If you’re crafty, you could even turn the model into a lamp.

4. You know what to do with bedding. Put them on the bed!

2. Music room


Children love music! In fact, I think most humans do. Hell, even my pet parrot seems to love good music. However, for young children, music is a way out. It’s a way to express yourself. Giving them a room they can connect with builds trust and helps your child realize that you know what it’s like to be their age.


  • Old music albums – CDs or discs work best. Get them at a garage sale if you have to.

  • Musical instruments, new, old, or even those that play, are fine. Why hide them when you can show them?

  • Construction paper, scissors, double-sided tape, pencil – any department store or art supply store will have them.


1. Attach the CD cases to the wall with double-sided tape. A great beat for this is above the bed on the wall. Leave the covers in and create a geometric shape with five or more cases. If you chose records, hang the cover alone or the record on the wall for a nice retro look. You may even want to show the cover art and record side by side.

2. Place the musical instrument in a corner using a stand.

3. Draw and cut out notes, indentations, etc. and use double-sided tape to attach them to the wall. You must make them large enough to see from a distance. If you are willing, you can paint the notes on the wall. Be creative! You can use several different colors or you can even just stick with black.

3. Animal room


Everybody loves animals. They are cute, adorable, and are an important part of our everyday life.


  • Paint and Pencil – Acrylic paint will work great and will be easy to cover up if your child wants to change it later.

  • Stuffed animals: it is best to have several sizes.

  • Animal Figures: Animal toys will work just as well.


1. Design an animal and draw it on the wall with a pencil. Paint it.

Tip: make an animal that he likes, like a tiger or a monkey.

2. Place stuffed animals on chairs or desks.

3. Place the figures around the room on the shelves.

4. Add more accents through bedding or curtains.

All children deserve to dream, so why not let him dream in a place he loves? If one of these doesn’t suit your tastes, choose another based on what you love the most.

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