Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertingga

Situs To Gel is an exhibition designed and developed by Malaysian tourism industry organization Situs Tuggan. It will be held in the month of August, at the Putraville Malaysia temple that is located in Putraville in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Situs Tuggan is a non-profit organization formed to promote tourism in Malaysia. In association with the Putraville temple, it aims to spread the culture of traditional Buddhism all over the world, especially in places where no Buddhist is residing. According to its mission statement, Situs Tuggan aims to build a network of believers dedicated to the practice of Buddhist spiritual teachings, as well as to present the true reality of Buddhism in their respective areas of activity and development.

Situs Tuggan believes that people from any walk of life can benefit from the teachings of Buddhism. Whether they are seeking for peace and tranquility, seeking for an alternative source of income or looking for a way to help the poor, they need to learn the Buddhist teachings and apply them in their lives. Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertinggi is a project that started in Penang, Malaysia. The first tour of this exhibition was organized in Putraville, with participants from different cities of Malaysia. Now it has already traveled to a total of 20 countries.

situs togel

Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertinggi is made possible with the financial support of the Malaysian diaspora in Australia and New Zealand, through various organizations that they belong to. Among them is the Putraville branch of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), the Penang branch of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MBA), and the Gold Coast branch of the Malaysian Chinese Associations (MBA). They have also received funding from the Federal government of Australia and New Zealand specifically for the travelling and exhibit costs of the exhibition.

Art From Thailand – Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertingga

Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertinggi aims to use the creative medium of art to introduce the Buddhist teachings of Dogen Zen Buddhist philosophy. This is part of the organization’s attempt to spread Buddhism throughout the world. The aim of the organization is to change people’s outlook on life. It wants to create a path of education that will lead them to enlightenment. Through its exhibits, it hopes to provide people with the opportunity to realize that there is no need to fear the world; that it can be beautiful and wonderful just as it is.

Artists involved in the project include Tan Se Tun Dray, whom we know from his ‘Sutar’ visual art piece that is part of the ongoing Situs Tuggan project. His work is focused on the theme of ‘being present’. Then we have Tan Jansook (pseudonym of Sang Hyun) a famous painter who we know from his many ‘Thai Art’ pieces. Finally we have our friends from Malaysia Pangbornik, whom we know from his popular ‘Shaolin Master’ series.

Situs Tuggan Bayaran Tertinggi is a part of the larger effort by the Thai National Art Gallery and Art Centre to promote the art of Thailand. It is part of their efforts to bring Thai artists to the international stage. Many other Thai artists are also part of this initiative. We hope that other artists in the country will follow suit and make their presence known on the global stage as well.

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