It may have been a while since you thought about voice recorders. The new-age small-tape technology was apparently overshadowed by the newest of the 2000s era: digital media. Now that digital media has peaked and died down thanks to exciting new Apple products, voice recorders are once again in the mainstream spotlight. Not just voice recorders, but new high-tech Mac compatible digital voice recorders.

What do you remember about a tape recorder? It’s probably slow, frustrating to work with, hard to listen to, and a hassle to carry. However, the new digital voice recorders have come a long way. They are more comparable in appearance and efficiency to cell phones or PDAs. What are some of the best features to look for in a Macintosh compatible digital voice recorder?

Even the most basic systems can give you at least 1 GB of storage, while others provide a little over 500 hours of audio storage. You can not only record your own voice or the voice of others, but also record the MP3s you hear on the radio. Models like the Philips Voice Tracer 880 allow you to record FM radio, as well as set a smart alarm clock.

A Mac compatible digital voice recorder comes with a built-in microphone that can record high-quality and realistic sound or a stereo lavalier microphone. However, you don’t have to worry about fiddling with the little buttons just to start recording. You can choose between a one-touch recording mechanism or a voice activation system. With voice-activated recording features, you simply start speaking and wait for the device to start recording your voice instantly. The recorder stops quickly once it detects that you have stopped talking. No words are missed and you catch every word thanks to a larger stereo microphone!

These models come with large LCD screens for an easy overview of the system. You can play high quality audio extra slow for note taking or extra fast for audio effects. Perhaps the best feature of all is the USB cable connection that allows you to easily download all your MP3 and WAV files to your PC computer. In fact, you can transfer the files to a laptop or PDA. You could even send these recordings as a voice message via email!

All of these Macintosh compatible digital voice recorders are made for Macintosh systems and are easy to carry and very lightweight. Unlike tape recorders of the past, they are easy to transport and barely noticeable when stored in a protective case. You’ll want to take a Mac compatible digital voice recorder with you wherever you go!

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