While sitting at a table with my sister at what I was told was a health fair in mid-September, we met a truly amazing woman. As it turned out, this was clearly not a health fair and Grace Jones was the only person who stopped by and spoke to my sister and I that day. One might think it was just a silly coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence. In my heart, I know that we were destined to meet that day, and I am so grateful that we did.

Grace stopped by to comment on how she loved my black shirt with purple butterflies … sharing with me that purple is her favorite color too. While looking at the things he was selling on my table, he asked me a few questions about Reiki and the crystal healing bags he had created. This quickly turned into what seemed like a conversation with an old friend, and she told me her story of being diagnosed with colon cancer and that surgery was scheduled for the end of the month. This is a story that Grace had decided not even to share with her family. I was honored that you felt comfortable enough to share your story with me. Talking to Grace, I quickly got a glimpse of her soul, listening to the incredible amount of positivity that came to me from talking about her life while talking to her.

Thinking back to the cancer diagnosis that occurred to me in my life, I remember the wide variety of emotions that flooded me on a daily basis, none of which were positive or even remotely healthy for me. But the woman standing in front of me exuded strength, positivity, love, and lots of light. Simply by the way he spoke and the passion for life in his voice, I would never have known what he was going through if he hadn’t told me. He could feel the brightest light in his soul. Even as she spoke of her diagnosis, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was going to find the rainbow at the end of it all, and she would come out as a Grace even stronger and brighter than before. What a truly amazing woman, and I feel blessed to call her my friend.

A few days after meeting Grace, she called to talk to me about medical Reiki and asked me about all the healing benefits of Reiki before, during, and after surgery. Grace asked me to do Reiki on her during her surgery, and I was honored to be a part of this beautiful woman’s healing journey. I immediately sent a post to all my Certified Medical Reiki Master sisters to be with us on the day of Graces surgery in spirit with healing and thoughts of love and light. Due to the short notice, I would not be able to physically be in the operating room with her, but we planned a two-hour Reiki session during her surgery, and I provided her with a Reiki drip for the next few hours after her surgery so that hopefully , you could be out of recovery quickly and find yourself in your balloon-filled hospital room resting and beginning to heal. Before her surgery, Grace arranged for herself a room that would look and feel like a celebration while she was there. This is how Grace lived her life and shone at every turn. Even after her surgery, she wanted to be able to see fun things of light and happiness surrounding her as she healed in her hospital room.

Grace had given her daughter my phone number so we could get in touch after her surgery and she was so happy to hear all the updates on her miraculous milestones after each day. After a few days, Grace emailed me with wonderful updates on how she was feeling, and she fully returned to her true, happy self. Three weeks later, Grace and I got together for brunch and she looked absolutely stunning. Once again, with so much light in her heart, she would never have guessed everything that had happened because this beautiful woman was simply beaming. And this for me says a lot about him. That day I learned that she, like most of us, has a history with some less wonderful things that she has endured in her life. Sitting across from me was this amazing Grace, who through her own trials and tribulations in life, did not allow any of that darkness to penetrate the light of her mind, body and soul. In fact, to celebrate life in the coming weeks, she had planned an incredible trip to London with her daughter. She is such an amazing soul … truly an inspiration to me!

Grace, I thank you for allowing me to be a part and share the story of your healing journey after your cancer diagnosis and surgery. I hope that all of us, including myself, realize the many blessings of life that surround us and continue to see that we all have obstacles in the path of life. It’s really how he handles those potholes that makes the difference in our lives. From what little I have learned about Grace, I know that she continually sees sunlight, even through the rain. This dear ones is really living life and what life is all about. If we all learned to do this, the world would certainly be a brighter place. Grace, to me, you are and always will be Amazing Grace, and I feel blessed to meet you. hugs and kisses

This is the healing period summary post that I sent to all my sister Certified Medical Reiki Teachers who sent their love and light to everyone involved in Grace’s surgery:

Thank you for all the thoughts you sent us while practicing Reiki remotely for a truly inspiring and positive woman who had undergone colon cancer surgery. I wanted to share a wonderful summary of the miraculous healing. After surgery I received reports from your daughter that her surgery was a success. On the 3rd, Grace emailed me while I was in the hospital saying I was fine and in a good mood. On the 4th, Grace reached all milestones and would be released the next day. She reports that she has done very well and, to the surprise of all the doctors, her progress in healing. On the 6th, she reports no pain due to surgery, only back pain due to the awful hospital bed. On the 10th, Grace is well enough to go to the beach to heal in her happy place and reports getting stronger every day. On the 12th, he met with his doctor to receive the news that the surgery revealed stage 2 colon cancer. They removed everything and had not spread, so no radiation or chemotherapy is needed. She reports that she is recovering very well and feeling great! Your body is functioning back to normal and your appetite is good! I am truly blessed to receive such great news, as well as to have been able to support her on this journey of healing. I wanted to thank you all for your thoughts of healing and support, as well as giving you absolutely incredible news on healing.

Please share this story with anyone you know who can help or could just use an inspirational message in their lives.

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